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Category: Birdy

Birdy - Loneliness Lyrics

Birdy – Loneliness Lyrics

Loneliness Lyrics – Birdy (Ooh-ooh ooh-ooh ooh-ooh ooh-ooh) It’s getting hard to hide This tainted lullaby I’m talking in my sleep The sky is falling down It’s getting closer now […]

Birdy - The Otherside Lyrics

Birdy – The Otherside Lyrics

The Otherside Lyrics – Birdy Autumn days, the doors you face They’re never gone, you never cry But if your bridge ever falls, if it does If it does, I’ll […]

Birdy - River Song Lyrics

Birdy – River Song Lyrics

River Song Lyrics – Birdy If I give you all I have, will you share your song? Do you ever feel sad on the long ride home? Do you feel […]

Birdy - Deepest Lonely Lyrics

Birdy – Deepest Lonely Lyrics

Deepest Lonely Lyrics – Birdy Echoes through my heart Echoes through my heart (Oh) Echoes through my heart Echoes through my heart Oh, my deepest lonely, why don’t we waste […]

Birdy - Lighthouse Lyrics

Birdy – Lighthouse Lyrics

Lighthouse Lyrics – Birdy Caught up in the riptide Like a storm on a dark night In so deep And it’s pulling me from both sides It’s hard to stay […]