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Category: Bishop Briggs

Bishop Briggs – LONELY Lyrics

LONELY By Bishop Briggs (Lonely) Lights on, clothes off Naked in the past that we lived Lights on because Breakin’ up with you is not a critical mass Now you […]

Bishop Briggs – WILD Lyrics

WILD By Bishop Briggs I was lost, didn’t know myself, didn’t know myself Couldn’t call my momma or my friends, momma or my friends ‘Cause when you take my hand […]

Bishop Briggs – I TRIED (DEMO) Lyrics

I TRIED (DEMO) By Bishop Briggs It’s too soon to lay your hand on my hair It’s too soon to clean the stream from your bed It’s too soon, it’s too soon It’s […]

Bishop Briggs – MY SHINE Lyrics

MY SHINE By Bishop Briggs Got me all messed up But you’re the one who messsed up I think it’s pretty messed up Shouldn’t be a question I give you the best of […]

Bishop Briggs – SOMEONE ELSE Lyrics

SOMEONE ELSE By Bishop Briggs Lyrics I show my teeth They cut the floor The water rushin’ Under the door Couldn’t wake up Couldn’t keep my head above the waves […]

Bishop Briggs – Champion Lyrics

Champion Lyrics by Bishop Briggs Alone in my car I’m in a parking lot Darkest spot in my mind, My tongue is dry, Why do I crumble quickly? Stumble swifly? […]

Bishop Briggs – Lyin’ Lyrics

Lyin’ by Bishop Briggs Released : 2018 Got me lyin’ lyin’ for your love Got me lyin’ lyin’ for your love Am I losing losing myself When I’m lyin’ lyin’ […]

Bishop Briggs – River Lyrics

River Lyrics by Bishop Briggs Like a river [x6] Shut your mouth and run me like a river How do you fall in love? Harder than a bullet could hit […]

Bishop Briggs – Wild Horses Lyrics

Wild Horses (Stripped) Lyrics by Bishop Briggs You hold me down in the best way No quarter from these chains that I Slapped on my heart for a feeling Why […]