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Category: Bishop Briggs

Bishop Briggs - WALK YOU HOME Lyrics

Bishop Briggs – WALK YOU HOME Lyrics

WALK YOU HOME Lyrics – Bishop Briggs Jimmy said he saw you last night Say that you were fucked up, lookin’ kinda high He said he didn’t really wanna ask […]

Bishop Briggs - HIGHER Lyrics

Bishop Briggs – HIGHER Lyrics

HIGHER Lyrics By Bishop Briggs Higher, your love has set me free Now nothing’s out of reach Higher, higher, ooh I run the days into the night I feel my […]

Bishop Briggs – LONELY Lyrics

LONELY By Bishop Briggs (Lonely) Lights on, clothes off Naked in the past that we lived Lights on because Breakin’ up with you is not a critical mass Now you […]

Bishop Briggs – WILD Lyrics

WILD By Bishop Briggs I was lost, didn’t know myself, didn’t know myself Couldn’t call my momma or my friends, momma or my friends ‘Cause when you take my hand […]

Bishop Briggs – I TRIED (DEMO) Lyrics

I TRIED (DEMO) By Bishop Briggs It’s too soon to lay your hand on my hair It’s too soon to clean the stream from your bed It’s too soon, it’s too soon It’s […]