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Category: Björk

Björk – Future Forever Lyrics

Future Forever by Björk Released : 2017 Imagine a future and be in it Feel this incredible nurture, soak it in Your past is on loop, turn it off See […]

Björk – Saint Lyrics

Saint by Björk Released : 2017 She always knows when people need stroking And is attracted to deathbeds and divorcees I dreamt she cared for my dying grandfather Lying naked […]

Björk – Paradisa Lyrics

Paradisa by Björk Released : 2017 [Instrumental] Björk – Utopia (Album 2017) 01.  Arisen My Senses 02.  Blissing Me 03.  The Gate 04.  Utopia 05.  ​Body Memory 06.  Features Creatures […]

Björk – Claimstaker Lyrics

Claimstaker by Björk Released : 2017 I walk through this land Stake a claim With my sense With my bark Mark my nest with song Hear the echo from that […]

Björk – Tabula Rasa Lyrics

Tabula Rasa by Björk Released : 2017 We are all swollen From hiding his affairs Let’s put it all on the table Let it all out It is time He […]

Björk – Sue Me Lyrics

Sue Me by Björk Released : 2017 My tear duct clogged My left eye broken Medicate with warm compress Extract heardened tears Sue me, sue me, sue me all you […]

Björk – Loss Lyrics

Loss by Björk Released : 2017 We all are struggling, just doing our best We’ve gone through the grinder, suffered loss Lost to, to which everything flows, an absence which […]

Björk – Courtship Lyrics

FCourtship by Björk Released : 2017 He turned me down I then downturned another Who then downturned her The paralysing juice of rejection His veins full of lead He’s left […]

Björk – Features Creatures Lyrics

Features Creatures by Björk Released : 2017 When I spot someone Who is same height as you And goes to same record stores I literally think I am five minutes […]

Björk – Body Memory Lyrics

Body Memory by Björk Released : 2017 First snow of Winter I’m walking hills and valleys Adore this mystical fog This f------ mist These cliffs are just showing off Then […]

Björk – Utopia Lyrics

Utopia by Björk Released : 2017 Bird species never seen or heard before The first flute carved from the first fauna Utopia It’s not elsewhere Let’s purify You assigned me […]

Björk – Blissing Me Lyrics

Blissing Me by Björk Released : 2017 All of my mouth was kissing him Now, into the air, I am missing him Is this excess texting a blessing? Two music […]

Björk – Arisen My Senses Lyrics

Arisen My Senses by Björk Released : 2017 Just that kiss was all there is Every cell in my body lined up for you Legs a little open once again, […]

Björk – The Gate Lyrics

The Gate by Björk Released : 2017 [Intro:] [gibberish] My healed chest wound Transformed into a gate Where I receive love from Where I give love from And I care […]