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Blac Youngsta – Background Lyrics

Background Lyrics – Blac Youngsta Thugging for real nigga, I don’t give a fuck ’bout your background (Background) Keep the Mac round, put my mask up and put it back

Blac Youngsta – We Kept the Receipts Lyrics

We Kept the Receipts Lyrics – Blac Youngsta (I got Hitman on the beat) We kept the receipts We kept the receipts We kept the receipts Real nigga, don’t give

Blac Youngsta – Can’t Spell Lyrics

Can’t Spell Lyrics – Blac Youngsta Ріll-Рорреr, Ріllѕ Ріll-Рорреr, Рор Ѕеаlѕ Lеаn Моllу Wаtеr, реrс ріll рорреr Рull uр аt fоllіеѕ оn ріll, ріll, ріllѕ І’m оn thаt drаnk, rеd

Blac Youngsta – I’m Assuming Lyrics

I’m Assuming Lyrics – Blac Youngsta Mm Mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm Mm-mm, mm-mm, mm No love for no pussy It’s overstood, nigga, we all

Blac Youngsta – Trench Bitch Lyrics

Trench Bitch Lyrics – Blac Youngsta Banger I put my life on the line, I’ma break up with you, ho (It’s over) You been disrespectful, hope the crazy house come

Blac Youngsta – I Met Tay Keith First Lyrics

I Met Tay Keith First Lyrics – Blac Youngsta Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up Gang, gang, Tay Keith, what the fuck up nigga? Tay Keith shoot these niggas up

Blac Youngsta – Gun Smoke Lyrics

Gun Smoke By Blac Youngsta I was raised on [?] Keep actin’ like I’m retarded, pussy nigga, you know what I’m sayin’ Keep actin’ like I ain’t like we ain’t

Blac Youngsta – Whisper ft. City Girls Lyrics

Whisper By Blac Youngsta How you doin’ there daddy, can we rap for a minute? I know you got a girl, but I ain’t really trippin’ If you don’t, that’s cool, I’ma play my

Blac Youngsta – Power Lyrics

Power by Blac Youngsta LYRICS I came in with my dogs I put ’em on a router This pain it hurt me inside so I cry when I shower This

Blac Youngsta – Represent Lyrics

Represent by Blac Youngsta: Represent Lyrics: I represent the block, the slums, they cops they lock my arms Smoking poc collapsed my lungs I can’t die I gotta watch my

Blac Youngsta – Forgiveness Lyrics

Forgiveness by Blac Youngsta: If I ever hurt you bae right now i Ask you forgiveness If I ever searched you bae deep in my heart I thought you did

Blac Youngsta – Start A Fire Lyrics

Start A Fire by Blac Youngsta: Niggas shot me caugh me by surprise I got blood clot in my eyes I got court tomorrow How I might pull up in

Blac Youngsta – Certified Lyrics

Certified by Blac Youngsta First 48 (Huh) Gun case (Huh), murder case (Huh) Broad day (Huh), in the face (Huh) Throwaway (Huh), court case (Huh) Put his head (Huh) on a plate (Huh) Thick

Blac Youngsta – Court Tomorrow Lyrics

Court Tomorrow by Blac Youngsta Tahj Money D Major, baby I gave you niggas my heart and this how you treat me? Know what I’m sayin’? See the thing is,

Blac Youngsta – Cut Up Lyrics

Cut Up Lyrics by Blac Youngsta Album: Cut Up Released: May 3, 2019 Genre: HipHop/Rap [Blac Youngsta] Broke boy gon’ run if he ain’t gettin’ no money (Run) [Blac Youngsta]

Blac Youngsta – Fuck Everybody 2 (Album Cover, Lyrics & Tracklist)

Album : Fuck Everybody 2 Release Date: August 31, 2018 Genre : Hip Hop Fuck Everybody 2 Tracklist 01.  901 02.  Uh Uh 03.  Pull Up 04.  1 on 1

Blac Youngsta – Breathe Lyrics

Breathe by Blac Youngsta Album: Fuck Everybody 2 Released : 2018 [Blac Youngsta] Yung Lan on the track Trauma Tone [Blac Youngsta] Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe (Fight) don’t die on

Blac Youngsta – Bullshit Lyrics

Bullshit by Blac Youngsta Album: Fuck Everybody 2 Released : 2018 [Blac Youngsta] Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, uh, uh Whippin’ with

Blac Youngsta – Run Down Lyrics

Run Down by Blac Youngsta Album: Fuck Everybody 2 Released : 2018 [Girl & (Blac Youngsta)] Tas gang-gang has never been fucked with really Man, you asking me? I been

Blac Youngsta – Beginners Lyrics

Beginners by Blac Youngsta Album: Fuck Everybody 2 Released : 2018 Better check your resources Yeah and I’ma shit on niggas in the winter (shit) And when I go the