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Category: Black Atlass

Black Atlass – Do For Love Lyrics

Do For Love By Black Atlass Will I do the most in them seconds Every minute, all the hours I’m good to go Whether I know, whether I don’t Know […]

Black Atlass – Sin City Lyrics

Sin City By Black Atlass Head in, I’m gassin’ on 95, I’ve been Whippin’ the Wraith into overdrive, I am Twenty more minutes to lay low, I need You in […]

Black Atlass – Show Me Lyrics

Show Me By Black Atlass I don’t need the attention I’m not shy but that’s my type You know that I’m just quiet ‘Cause I’m payin’ attention, oh-oh And when […]

Black Atlass – Weak Lyrics

Weak By Black Atlass At the bottom of my cup Only lookin’ for your love Watch you glisten, you my drug Dancin’, rollin’, fuck it up I don’t wanna wait […]