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Category: Black Atlass

Black atlass

Black Atlass – Feel Lyrics

Feel by Black Atlass Not f-----’ around, babe You know I seen both ways And I don’t play your games ‘Cause you don’t wanna feel the way I can’t beg […]

Black atlass

Black Atlass – Kinda Like it Lyrics

Kinda Like it by Black Atlass Yeah, eh, oh-oh Alright, yeah, eh, eh Hot-kickin’ on a million, yeah She’s never lived like this before She wanna wink at my children, […]

Black atlass

Black Atlass – Shadows Lyrics

Shadows by Black Atlass Through the pain, you noticed me You gave me somethin’ to believe Lovin’ you is all I need But I can’t have it all Broken, bruised, […]

Black atlass

Black Atlass – Pain & Pleasure Lyrics

Pain & Pleasure by Black Atlass She wrote her name across, yeah Never sayin’ sorry (oh, no) I’ll tell you what, baby It’s a lifestyle She love me through the […]

Black atlass

Black Atlass – Fantasy Lyrics

Fantasy by Black Atlass In the night, you look good, you make me sick And baby, don’t tell me you wanted your kiss And I’m a fool to let you […]

Black atlass

Black Atlass – Something Real Lyrics

Something Real by Black Atlass If I can be something, I won’t be yours Baby, don’t love me, I’ll just f--- it up I’m comin’ down heavy, better let go […]