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blackbear – DEAD TO ME Lyrics

DEAD TO ME Lyrics by blackbear [blackbear] La-da-da-da-da, yeah, uh [blackbear] Dead to me Even if you’re still alive It’s a mess to me, so rest in peace You’re dead […]

blackbear – TOO CLOSE Lyrics

TOO CLOSE Lyrics by blackbear [blackbear] Yeah I swear I’m an athlete with this s---, yeah, pro Yeah, yeah [blackbear] ‘Round me I see that look, that f-----’ look you […]

blackbear – DEAD BALLOONS Lyrics

IDEAD BALLOONS Lyrics by blackbear [blackbear] I should’ve went back home once the party was over Dead balloons on the ground, throwin’ up, curled over I needed you the most, […]

blackbear – LOSING YOU Lyrics

blackbear – LOSING YOU Lyrics

LOSING YOU Lyrics by blackbear [blackbear] I feel like, feel like, feel like I’m losing you, I’m losing you, I’m losing you Feel like, feel like, feel like I’m losing […]

blackbear – HEARTBROKEN Lyrics

HEARTBROKEN Lyrics by blackbear [blackbear] Laid out like a crucifix, she ready for religion She ain’t go to church but she know how to beg forgiveness This that kinda night […]

blackbear – BURNT AF Lyrics

BURNT AF Lyrics by blackbear [blackbear] I should’ve went back home once the party was over Dead balloons on the ground, throwin’ up, curled over I needed you the most, […]

blackbear – DOWN Lyrics

blackbear – DOWN Lyrics

DOWN Lyrics by blackbear [blackbear] I am always down every time you hit me up I can’t buckle down and say that it’s enough I’m always coming down, yeah Almost […]

blackbear – CHANGES Lyrics

CHANGES Lyrics by blackbear [blackbear] Hey You tell lies and you cry just a little Don’t feel bad you shouldn’t know that On the phone like it’s now or it’s […]

blackbear – SICK OF IT ALL Lyrics

SICK OF IT ALL Lyrics by blackbear [blackbear] Tell me what you gon’ do, you holding onto nothing Acting like you hate me, you resent me for something I’m sick […]

blackbear – MAKE A MESS Lyrics

MAKE A MESS Lyrics by blackbear Make a mess inside my heart Leave your makeup everywhere Move right in, tear me apart Show me that you really care I miss […]

blackbear – SWEAR TO GOD Lyrics

SWEAR TO GOD Lyrics by blackbear Yeah, yeah Oh, yeah I spent another night alone again Woke up in the coldest, coldest bed I ran into God at the liquor […]

blackbear – DRUG DEALER Lyrics

DRUG DEALER Lyrics by blackbear Whatever will I do? Whatever will I say? When you ain’t around no more to make everything okay Wherever will you go? Wherever it is, […]

blackbear – HATE MY GUTS Lyrics

HATE MY GUTS Lyrics by blackbear Do you still like white wine, white wine At the right time, right time? Low lights Do you still hate my guts? Baby that’s […]

blackbear – PINK ROLEX Lyrics

Seein meh drave uwu [?] Saint Laurent and a tissue Got your name and your city In the back of my mind (Ony my mind) My hearts iced over, I found […]

blackbear – HIGH1X Lyrics

HIGH1X Lyrics By blackbear [blackbear] Yeah, yeah [blackbear] I’ve been feeling I’ve been feeling her, I’ve been feeling me I’ve been feeling good, I’ve been feeling free On the 101 […]

blackbear – 1 SIDED LOVE Lyrics

1 SIDED LOVE Lyrics by blackbear [blackbear] You’re too busy talking over me to hear what I’m saying You’re too high to realize I see through the smile that you’re […]

blackbear – cocaine carolina Lyrics

cocaine carolina Lyrics blackbear Morning found me lying on a floor in New Orleans Looking like the patches was about to eat my jeans Feeling like my belly was a […]

Blackbear – the 1 Lyrics

the 1 by Blackbear Released : 2018 Getting over you, moving on, on, on Letting go of you, moving on, on, on Can’t seem to find the reasons why you’re […]

Blackbear – Strangers Lyrics

Strangers by Blackbear Released : 2018 I’m a fool I’m certain, now ‘Cause sometimes I know you’re right there with me It’s getting harder to love you now And why […]

24hrs x blackbear – Regina George Lyrics

Regina George by 24hrs x blackbear Released : 2017 It’s a damn good thing Talk is cheap ’cause you can’t afford the clothes you’re wearing Daddy money, credit Cut the […]

Blackbear – Candayapple Lyrics

Candayapple by Blackbear Released : 2017 Yeah ​beartrap sound I’ma pull up, sip that Houston, Texas with some soda Candy apple, fake gold paint Mercedes Flex on all my exes […]