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Category: Blanco Brown

Blanco Brown – Tn Whiskey Lyrics

Tn Whiskey by Blanco Brown Rainy nights, candles burning I’m tossing, turning, my heart is hurting Waking up bright and early I grab my things, I’m gon’ be late So […]

Blanco Brown – Georgia Power Lyrics

Georgia Power Lyrics by Blanco Brown No, I can’t stay I gotta hit the road Sometime life teach you a lesson That makes you cold (Cold!) Hell, I gave her […]

Blanco Brown – Ghett Ol Memories Lyrics

Ghett Ol Memories Lyrics by Blanco Brown Remember sittin’ on the front porch (Front porch) Gunshots at the backdoor (Backdoor) I hear the wind and the skies a-cryin’ (Cryin’) Honeysuckles […]