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Category: Blood Orange

Blood Orange – Today Lyrics

Today Lyrics by Blood Orange Loose touch and confidence never seems the same Eyesight stays clearer when selfishness became Number one and chewing gum You were afraid Big mistake in […]

Blood Orange – Happiness Lyrics

Happiness Lyrics by Blood Orange How do you know when life will choose to fade away? How do you know if you’ve been wrong? Put it down and show you’ve […]

Blood Orange – Take It Back Lyrics

Take It Back Lyrics by Blood Orange (feat. Arca, Joba & Justine Skye) [Blood Orange & Justine Skye:] Started smirking, system broken Dogs are barking on the terrace Such a […]

Blood Orange – Berlin Lyrics

Berlin Lyrics by Blood Orange (feat. Porches & Ian Isiah) Lie down it off Fuck around it off Frown upside down it off Slide around it off (Can you feel […]