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Category: Blood Orange

Blood Orange – Happiness Lyrics

Happiness Lyrics by Blood Orange How do you know when life will choose to fade away? How do you know if you’ve been wrong? Put it down and show you’ve […]

Blood Orange – Take It Back Lyrics

Take It Back Lyrics by Blood Orange (feat. Arca, Joba & Justine Skye) [Blood Orange & Justine Skye:] Started smirking, system broken Dogs are barking on the terrace Such a […]

Blood Orange – Berlin Lyrics

Berlin Lyrics by Blood Orange (feat. Porches & Ian Isiah) Lie down it off F--- around it off Frown upside down it off Slide around it off (Can you feel […]

Blood Orange – Gold Teeth Lyrics

Gold Teeth Lyrics by Blood Orange (feat. Project Pat, Gangsta Boo & Tinashe) [Project Pat:] (Yeah n----, yeah n---- I got gold teeth n---- I’m from the street n---- You […]

Blood Orange – Good for You Lyrics

Good for You Lyrics by Blood Orange (feat. Justine Skye) [Blood Orange & Justine Skye:] He changed his vibe, take back at five My crew went live, your crew can’t […]

Blood Orange – Birmingham Lyrics

Birmingham Lyrics by Blood Orange (feat. Kelsey Lu & Ian Isiah) [Kelsey Lu:] For when she heard the explosion Her eyes grew wet and wild She raced through the streets […]

Blood Orange – Benzo Lyrics

Benzo by Blood Orange I saw Or I see Nothing that is confident to me Repeat and discreet Feeling’s that I’m not supposed to be Ohh Open the door Leave […]

Blood Orange – Dark & Handsome Lyrics

Dark & Handsome by Blood Orange Nothing lasts forever and I told you Everything you need to know that’s not true Lying to myself because it hurts you Waiting for […]

Blood Orange – Something to Do Lyrics

Something to Do by Blood Orange Waitin’ for somethin’ to do Waitin’ for somethin’ to lose Waitin’ for somethin’ to do Waitin’ for somethin’ to lose ‘Something to Do’ Released […]

Blood Orange – I Wanna C U Lyrics

I Wanna C U by Blood Orange I see you runnin’ out the window Brain is runnin’ like it’s hidin’ from the night Like it’s somethin’, I think it (I […]

Charcoal Baby Lyrics

Blood Orange – Charcoal Baby Lyrics

Charcoal Baby by Blood Orange When you wake up It’s not the first thing that you wanna know Can you still count All of the reasons that you’re not alone? […]