Blp Kosher – The Nac Lyrics

BLP KOSHER, The Nac (Ayo, run that up, Rami) (I’m smokin’ straight out the pack ) Derrick Cabrera street dreams, but I don’t fuck ’round with them nacks Eyes were

Blp Kosher – Chopping Block Lyrics

BLP KOSHER, Chopping Block Lyrics will be available soon, check out later

Blp Kosher – Hanukkahween 2 Lyrics

BLP KOSHER, Hanukkahween 2 I got the choppa in the Honda, and the clip long as a quarter The boy who in the striped pajamas got revenge and grabbed the

Blp Kosher – Jaws Lyrics

BLP KOSHER, Jaws Long live Jew Sheisty, long live Charmane Aye Waterr, yeah I got Lucas on the beat, he ain’t a jew, I call him Jewcas with the heat

Blp Kosher – Jew on the canoe Lyrics

BLP KOSHER, Jew on the canoe (Waterr, hm yah) (They done let the jew on the canoe, aye) I might find me a, huh, message in the bottle Kosher, yeah,

BLP KOSHER – Puff & Stuff Lyrics

BLP KOSHER, Puff & Stuff Do the Harlem, waterr I’m from Florida, I ain’t gon’ do it Don’t holler over me, I’m tryna speak (Hey) I’m tryna show his ass,