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Category: Bon Iver


Bon Iver – Naeem Lyrics

Naeem By Bon Iver More love More love All along em I can hear me I go for the caste I fall off a bass boat And the concrete’s very […]

Bon Iver – Holyfields, Lyrics

Holyfields, By Bon Iver Danger been steppin’ in I’m happy as I’ve ever been Couldn’t tell you what the cadence is It’s folded in the evidences? So you wanna leave […]

Bon Iver – We Lyrics

We By Bon Iver For only takers, stand and take in where you are Turn around and face it: youre adjacent to the scar I want mine here tho We […]

Bon Iver – iMi Lyrics

iMi By Bon Iver All my life Ini was Ooh, mine was a lover of a wrong kind Keepin’ what you tellin’ me I know mine Living in a lonesome […]

Bon Iver – Marion Lyrics

Marion By Bon Iver Well I thought that this was half a love Well I thought that this was half a love Follow to the rising sea Well I thought […]

Bon Iver – Salem Lyrics

Salem By Bon Iver Salem burns the leaves Then she Returns to cure and see Heavy fate After years of waiting ‘Cause abnormalities Surely Are everywhere you see So what […]

Bon Iver – Faith Lyrics

Faith by Bon Iver Shattered in history Shattered in paint Oh, and the lengths that I’d Stay up late But brought to my space The wonderful things I’ve learned to […]

Bon Iver – Jelmore Lyrics

Jelmore by Bon Iver Well angel Morning Sivanna Well ain’t been gone too far But heading out towards Ponoma Where you won’t be alone Where there’s’ is thrift store manager […]

Bon Iver – U (Man Like) Lyrics

U (Man Like) Lyrics by Bon Iver I will see you off now Down the back of the ridge There’s just something that I got to show you There is […]

Bon Iver – Hey, Ma Lyrics

Hey, Ma Lyrics by Bon Iver I waited outside I took it remote I wanted a bath “Tell the story or he goes” “Tell the story or he goes” Full […]