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Category: boy pablo

​boy pablo - Aleluya Lyrics

​boy pablo – Aleluya Lyrics

Aleluya Lyrics – ​boy pablo Te amo Jehova Fortaleza mia Jehova, roca mia y castillo mío Y mi libertador Dios mio, fortaleza mia En el confiare Mi escudo y la […]

​boy pablo - Come Home Lyrics

​boy pablo – Come Home Lyrics

Come Home Lyrics – ​boy pablo It’s late morning I’m right here in bed, ah, yeah Staring at the ceiling peacefully It rains The blanket’s always comforting For days where […]

​boy pablo - Mustache Lyrics

​boy pablo – Mustache Lyrics

Mustache Lyrics – ​boy pablo I dreamt I had a mustache It was dope, I looked just like Tom Selleck Was happy with myself But sadly I woke up again […]

​boy pablo - Wachito Rico Lyrics

​boy pablo – Wachito Rico Lyrics

Wachito Rico Lyrics – ​boy pablo Last couple of days have been kind of grey We’ve been slacking around Amor, we should get out of town ‘Cause lately, this has […]