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Category: Bright: The Album

AP Rocky & Tom Morello – FTW Lyrics

FTW by A$AP Rocky & Tom Morello Released : 2017 (F--- the law) As I maneuver through the streets A policeman and then they seize bodies of those who disagree […]

Snoop Dogg – That’s My Nigga Lyrics

That’s My N---- by Snoop Dogg Released : 2017 Ooh, ooh This that Philly-Bompton s--- Yeah, haha I’m on the eastside rollin’ with my westside n----- (westside, westside, westside) We’re […]

Migos & Marshmello – Danger Lyrics

Danger by Migos & Marshmello Released : 2017 Tryna get demons up outta me (demons) Turn to a beast, eat your arteries (beast) Deceasing opponents so properly (opponent) Unleashing the […]

Camila Cabello & Grey – Crown Lyrics

Crown by Camila Cabello & Grey Released : 2017 Been sitting on your throne for ages Words ripping off your mouth, contagious, uh-oh, uh-oh No skin off your back to […]

Bastille – World Gone Mad Lyrics

World Gone Mad by Bastille Released : 2017 So this is where we are It’s not where we had wanted to be If half the world’s gone mad The other […]