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Category: Iridescence Album

Brockhampton – THUG LIFE Lyrics

THUG LIFE by Brockhampton Released : 2018 I gotta get that bag It’s a thug life, it’s a thug life I gotta get that bag (sha-na-na-na-na-sha-ah) It’s a thug life […]

Brockhampton – BERLIN Lyrics

BERLIN by Brockhampton Released : 2018 She said baby boy, why you lookin’ grimy as shit? I’ll make the wristwatch flood like diamonds fill my sink If I got colors […]

Brockhampton – SOMETHING ABOUT HIM Lyrics

SOMETHING ABOUT HIM by Brockhampton Released : 2018 Something about him His car ain’t nice and flashy There’s something about him Yeah, his attitude is like magic (yeah, yeah) There’s […]

Brockhampton – WEIGHT Lyrics

WEIGHT by Brockhampton Released : 2018 They split my world into pieces, I ain’t heard from my nieces I’ve been feeling defeated, like I’m the worst in the boyband I […]


Brockhampton – DISTRICT Lyrics

DISTRICT by Brockhampton Released : 2018 I’m Sammy-jo, and my favorite colors are black and red Let me find my way out of this bitch Find myself high in the distance Find […]