BRS Kash – Team Player Lyrics

Team Player Lyrics – BRS Kash Team player, team player (Who made this beat?) Yeah, yeah (Twysted Genius, baby) Yeah, yeah How you ‘posed to be my dawg but end

BRS Kash – Mad At Her Lyrics

Mad At Her Lyrics – BRS Kash Imma fuck her like a dog when I get mad at her Pull her hair knock down the walls when I get mad

BRS Kash – New Money Lyrics

New Money Lyrics – BRS Kash Wake up and get some new money Wake up and get some new money Wake up and get some new money Wake up and

BRS Kash – Let Me In Lyrics

Let Me In Lyrics – BRS Kash What what what what what What what what what what What what what what what She got that What what what what what

BRS Kash – RBS (Rich Bish Shit) Lyrics

RBS (Rich Bish Shit) Lyrics – BRS Kash (What’s happening Chi Chi?) (Yo, Nick Papz, make it slap) She want designer for days, she rock her hair different way Do

BRS Kash – No Manners Lyrics

No Manners Lyrics – BRS Kash She gone pull up whenever I tell her She love country grammar for her I go ape Cause she know how to treat a

BRS Kash – Shake Lyrics

Shake Lyrics – BRS Kash Hahahah (Go crazy Tone) (Oh Lawd, jetsonmade another one!) Shawty got a body she like to get busy Don’t stop don’t stop keep shaking them

BRS Kash – Kash App Lyrics

Kash App Lyrics – BRS Kash (Mama, Zachary makin’ beats again) Okay (Okay) Ooh Ok she wobble it wobble it make a nigga want it Ok she pop it she

BRS Kash – So Freaky Lyrics

So Freaky Lyrics – BRS Kash (Let’s go Mario) Yeah, just put on that shit I like when a young nigga come through Yeah, wanna feel that pussy throbbing when

BRS Kash – Feel Better Lyrics

Feel Better Lyrics – BRS Kash Gonna make you feel better Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh Yeah Oh (Palace, what you cookin’?) I’ll get your hair done, buy you purses To make

BRS Kash – Go Lyrics

Go Lyrics – BRS Kash I’m on I-20 East in a Nascar Shawty want to fuck because we all got fast cars Don’t Stop Don’t Stop no Blinking Pedal to

BRS Kash – Do It Lyrics

Do It Lyrics – BRS Kash Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Work sumn Make her work sumn Make her twerk sumn Twerk sumn Make her

BRS Kash – Yea Lyrics

Yea Lyrics – BRS Kash Big booty bitch don’t talk long Heading to the spot so come on Got a king size bed you can hop on I can’t be

BRS Kash – Thug Cry Lyrics

Thug Cry Lyrics – BRS Kash Wishing I could touch your face, hold your hand Being here without you girl, wasn’t in the plans Heart enduring so much pain, don’t