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Category: Buddy

Buddy – Shameless Lyrics

Shameless by Buddy (feat. Guapdad 4000) Yeah, can I talk about my struggles? S---, before everybody get into what the f--- they been goin’ through N----, I done sold weed […]

Buddy – Trippin’ Lyrics

Trippin’ by Buddy (Feat. Khalid) [Khalid:] I’m sipping Sipping got me twisted up I’m living Living got me tripping out No feelings Man those feeling got me flipping out I’m […]

Buddy – Hey Up There Lyrics

Hey Up There by Buddy | Feat. Ty Dolla $ign Hey up there I’m on my way up Tell the radio to play us Blame it on the place I […]

Buddy – Trouble On Central Lyrics

Trouble On Central by Buddy Released : 2018 Just so good at being in trouble Spending my days out in the ghetto Mama say that I need to be careful […]