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Category: Bugus

Bugus – Untouchable Lyrics

Untouchable by Bugus [HOOK] I’m like what it’s been a minute since I really gave a f--- we make the noise b---- we shake the neighbors up its clear i […]

Bugus – I Who Have Nothing Lyrics

I Who Have Nothing by Bugus Full Lyrics will be available soon. check Back later or you can send us the lyrics using form below. [contact-form-7 id=”151140″ title=”Submit Lyrics”]

Bugus – The Essence Lyrics

times of the essence i feel its time for a blessin my life tryna teach me a lesson i no my time is precious they say im gone so dont […]

Bugus – Light Me One Lyrics

I dont need a Tylenol to take the pain away Sipping on a alcohol burnin Mary Jane I aint gon be there I dont wanna be Imma light me one […]

Bugus – Shades On My Eye Lyrics

Shades On My Eye by Bugus Released : 2017 I can’t see no suffering Gotta do something It wont be no struggling We all seen enough of it Wanna know […]

Bugus – Glad You Know Lyrics

Glad You Know by Bugus Released : 2017 [HOOK] I ain’t sayin I ain’t sayin I ain’t playin around Cuz ya man gotta plan I be layin em down Can’t […]

Bugus – Sometimes Lyrics

Sometimes by Bugus Released : 2017 3 car garage full of cars 9 bedrooms My Pops S550 had leg room Back in ’99 Atlanta people got they a-- laid off […]

Bugus – Back In Style Lyrics

Back In Style by Bugus Released : 2017 (Prod. Dartlin) Back in style Came to shut it down Never turnin down Back in style Came to shut it down Came […]

Bugus – Incredible Lyrics

Incredible by Bugus Released : 2017 (Prod. Russ) How you do that there? That’s incredible ya incredible that’s incredible How you do that there? That’s incredible ya incredible that’s incredible […]

BUGUS – Family Business Lyrics

Family Business by BUGUS (Prod. Russ) Released : 2017 I hate people who cant offer you a job wanna criticize ya work cuz you aint gotta 9-5 they fail to […]

Bugus – Tryna Get On Lyrics

Tryna Get On by Bugus Released : 2017 I’m tryna get on I’m tryna get on So I can be out here baby Outta here baby Baby I been broke […]

Bugus – Give Thanks Lyrics

Give Thanks by Bugus Released : 2017 took my first private flight bout to make it a habit passed my camera to my brother told him take it and tag […]