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Category: Calboy

Calboy – Wildboy (Album Lyrics)

Artist: Calboy Release date: June 18, 2018 Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap Label: Paper Gang Inc Tracklist: 01. Envy Me 02. Adam & Eve 03. Love Me 04. Unjudge Me 05. Ghetto America […]

Calboy – 12 Lyrics

12 Lyrics by Calboy I know lil’ shawty tell me lies, she don’t love me (She don’t love me) I might just pour another line, I’m fast asleep (I’m fast […]

Calboy – Swing Lyrics

Swing Lyrics by Calboy I know things are gonna take some time (Take some time) And I dream all through the night (All through the night) I saw things, got […]

Calboy – Nina Lyrics

Nina Lyrics by Calboy Hey, yeah What up, Super? What up, Super? Woah, hey, oh Hey, hey Think I fell in love with Nina I been lookin’ for my baby, […]

Calboy – Ghetto America Lyrics

Ghetto America Lyrics by Calboy I’m from the trenches where it’s you and me But I show love to all my brothers like I’m Huey P Ain’t no guidance, OG […]

Calboy – Love Me Lyrics

Love Me Lyrics by Calboy Told my b---- I cannot stay over (I can’t stay over) I been trappin’, got this weight on me (Got this weight on me) I […]

Calboy – Adam & Eve Lyrics

Adam & Eve Lyrics by Calboy Darling, darling, darling Die without my darling, yeah Ayy, darling, yeah, hey, hey Darling, you know you my darling Even though I be workin’, […]

Calboy – Envy Me Lyrics

Envy Me Lyrics by Calboy Now I lay me down to sleep, ayy I pray the Lord my soul to keep, yeah, ayy Like a locksmith, I got the keys, […]

Calboy – Chariot Lyrics

Chariot Lyrics by Calboy Fresh out the trap and they know how I carry it I fell in love with the game and I married it 200 thou’ for the […]

Calboy – Unjudge Me Lyrics

Unjudge Me by Calboy (feat. Moneybagg Yo) What up, Super? Don’t say you love me Yeah, yeah This s--- get ugly Yeah, yeah, yeah Hey, hey, yeah They judge me, […]

Calboy – Caroline Lyrics

Caroline (feat. Polo G) by Calboy [Calboy] JTK Boy, you in these, ayy [Calboy] Boy, you in these streets, better look left and right (Left and right) ‘Cause them n----- […]

Calboy – Dying To Live Lyrics

Dying To Live Lyrics by Calboy I done lost like four members since i been on this trip It like Josh’s with his son, i done wreaked the whip They […]