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Category: Calboy

Calboy – Wild Wild Lyrics

Wild Wild By Calboy Wild Wild Lyrics: Hey Pooh you a fool for this one (Pooh you a fool for this one) Go Griz! (Go Griz!) Ahh Hey, hey Oh […]

Calboy – Gazel de Blanco Lyrics

Gazel de Blanco By Calboy Gazel de Blanco Lyrics: If I ever get locked down, and I lost it all, would you ride for me? (Ride for me) If I’m […]

Calboy – Givenchy Kickin Lyrics

Givenchy Kickin By Calboy Givenchy Kickin Lyrics: Thousand dollar Givenchys, you can’t kick it with me (Can’t kick it with me) I used to ride on the ten speed, now […]

Calboy – Barbarian Lyrics

Barbarian By Calboy Oh-oh, oh Yeah, yeah Oh-oh, oh, yeah Oh-oh, oh [?] beats, why you talk like that? Brand new 4-5 with the RIP (RIP) In the trap all […]