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Category: Calboy

Calboy – Rounds Lyrics

Rounds By Calboy Sheesh Yeah JD On Tha Track Yeah, yeah, baow Yeah, yeah, yeah Sheesh, baow, baow Sheesh, sheesh Baow, gang (Gang) I used to trap in the spot […]

Calboy - Brand New Lyrics

Calboy – Brand New Lyrics

Brand New By Calboy Ehh ehh ehh ehh Put him in a grave in a brand new spot, uh Yea, gang T’d up, T’d up I rock the show and […]

Calboy – Motorola Lyrics

Motorola By Calboy I had some problems with sleep ’cause I had to fight with them demons Told my bitch she gotta love me, she gotta fuck me like she […]

Calboy – Dope Boy Lyrics

Dope Boy By Calboy Dope Boy Lyrics: Ay, ay, ay JTK Ay, ay Used to wanna be a dope boy (Sheesh) Roll around with the dope boys (Dope boys) Trap […]

Calboy – Wild Wild Lyrics

Wild Wild By Calboy Wild Wild Lyrics: Hey Pooh you a fool for this one (Pooh you a fool for this one) Go Griz! (Go Griz!) Ahh Hey, hey Oh […]

Calboy – Gazel de Blanco Lyrics

Gazel de Blanco By Calboy Gazel de Blanco Lyrics: If I ever get locked down, and I lost it all, would you ride for me? (Ride for me) If I’m […]