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Category: Call Me Karizma

Call Me Karizma – We’re Just Kids Lyrics

We’re Just Kids By Call Me Karizma Lyrics We’re just kids killing brain cells Hurt ourselves taking pain pills Bad advice makes good memories Every night forget everything Gettin’ high, […]

Call Me Karizma – Bleach Lyrics

Bleach by Call Me Karizma I’m not fine, I’m caught between the lines I don’t see I don’t see I’m traumatized from hearing all these lies that you speak I […]

Call Me Karizma – Rain Lyrics

Rain by Call Me Karizma I miss the sunshine I don’t see much of her no more All the colors faded grey Watch my life desaturate I miss the sunlight […]

Call Me Karizma – Serotonin Lyrics

Serotonin by Call Me Karizma Break the fuckin’ mirror ’cause I hate the image Every single tear I cry is wasted liquid I fucked too many girls to count, I […]