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Category: Caravan Palace

Caravan Palace – Melancolia Lyrics

Melancolia · Caravan Palace While driving my eight fifty I see no lines on my way Nothing to say Yes I’m feeling guilty Was on my high bar I’m losing […]

Caravan Palace – Waterguns Lyrics

Waterguns · Caravan Palace Has anybody ever shared the news You ain’t as big as you say I got a vision worth something in me, yeahhh Not too worried bout […]

Caravan Palace – Supersonics Lyrics

Supersonics · Caravan Palace You don’t really know what goes on That’s why all this looks like a perfect mess Freaks come out until the lights go on And it […]

Caravan Palace – April Lyrics

April · Caravan Palace Wild spring, raging in my street April please, lower your gun Cold wind, nude branches on the trees April please, help me to run Running in […]

Caravan Palace – Moonshine Lyrics

Moonshine · Caravan Palace You know well, what I’ve been through Living there without a view Asking why we missed our chance And now I’m looking for something to get […]

Caravan Palace – Plume Lyrics

Plume by Caravan Palace Biting on my feathers I can lead you through the patterns we now follow Lying on the floor Life between us lights a certain afterglow (afterglow) […]