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Category: Caravan Palace

Caravan Palace – Melancolia Lyrics

Melancolia · Caravan Palace While driving my eight fifty I see no lines on my way Nothing to say Yes I’m feeling guilty Was on my high bar I’m losing […]

Caravan Palace – Waterguns Lyrics

Waterguns · Caravan Palace Has anybody ever shared the news You ain’t as big as you say I got a vision worth something in me, yeahhh Not too worried bout […]

Caravan Palace – Supersonics Lyrics

Supersonics · Caravan Palace You don’t really know what goes on That’s why all this looks like a perfect mess Freaks come out until the lights go on And it […]

Caravan Palace – April Lyrics

April · Caravan Palace Wild spring, raging in my street April please, lower your gun Cold wind, nude branches on the trees April please, help me to run Running in […]

Caravan Palace – Moonshine Lyrics

Moonshine · Caravan Palace You know well, what I’ve been through Living there without a view Asking why we missed our chance And now I’m looking for something to get […]

Caravan Palace – Plume Lyrics

Plume by Caravan Palace Biting on my feathers I can lead you through the patterns we now follow Lying on the floor Life between us lights a certain afterglow (afterglow) […]

Caravan Palace – About You Lyrics

About You Lyrics by Caravan Palace Well I’m a big girl with cash and wheels I’m taller than you when I don’t wear heels And I don’t give a damn, […]

Caravan Palace – Clash Lyrics

People downing in the middle of the parties again Getting the cool with the happy, they went quiet (oh yea) Everybody talkin’ bout the power of the gospel (everybody) Getting […]