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Category: Carlie Hanson

Carlie Hanson - Daze Inn Lyrics

Carlie Hanson – Daze Inn Lyrics

Daze Inn By Carlie Hanson Woke up at a late time, where we going? Sailing on your waistline, where we going? Looking in your face like looking in the sun […]

Carlie Hanson – Side Effects Lyrics

Side Effects By Carlie Hanson Was the one who wanted no strings Now I’m tying us together Told myself I wouldn’t feel things If I labelled us whatever But the […]

Carlie Hanson – Junk – EP Lyrics

Artist: Carlie Hanson Release date: June 7, 2019 Genre: Pop Label: Warner Records Tracklist: 01. Bored With You 02. Back In My Arms 03. WYA 04. Cigarettes 05. Hazel Read […]

Carlie Hanson – Hazel Lyrics

Hazel by Carlie Hanson Hazel, are you stable? Please pick up the fucking phone Why you MIA? I want you to be your own If you’re feeling crazy Tell me […]

Carlie Hanson – Cigarettes Lyrics

Cigarettes by Carlie Hanson Hey, how you feeling? Kinda down but I’m dealing You know I’ll be fine It’s alright, it takes time Hey, what you up to? Been a […]