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Category: Carlie Hanson

Carlie Hanson – Junk – EP Lyrics

Artist: Carlie Hanson Release date: June 7, 2019 Genre: Pop Label: Warner Records Tracklist: 01. Bored With You 02. Back In My Arms 03. WYA 04. Cigarettes 05. Hazel Read […]

Carlie Hanson – Hazel Lyrics

Hazel by Carlie Hanson Hazel, are you stable? Please pick up the f------ phone Why you MIA? I want you to be your own If you’re feeling crazy Tell me […]

Carlie Hanson – Cigarettes Lyrics

Cigarettes by Carlie Hanson Hey, how you feeling? Kinda down but I’m dealing You know I’ll be fine It’s alright, it takes time Hey, what you up to? Been a […]

Carlie Hanson – WYA Lyrics

WYA by Carlie Hanson She grew up, always tried to fit in Hometown started feeling like a prison So obsessed with everything she isn’t Brainwashed by a television Blink of […]

Carlie Hanson – Numb Lyrics

Numb Lyrics Carlie Hanson You in your head, keep it cool Just wanna keep [?] You do you, I do me I call you back, I feel the need Yeah […]

Carlie Hanson – Goodbye Lyrics

Goodbye by Carlie Hanson Released : 2018 You’re all in but I fold You’re still falling but I’m frozen And I can’t sleep cause you don’t know How I’m feeling, […]

Carlie Hanson – Only One Lyrics

Only One by Carlie Hanson Released : 2017 I don’t wanna be alone So come show me what you know Baby, you’re all that I need I don’t wanna be […]