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Category: Casanova

Casanova – Stay Wit It Lyrics

Stay Wit It By Casanova Lyrics Somehow, someway I gotta get to my gun and let it spray I’m beefing with some n----- and I know they ain’t gon’ play […]

Casanova – In My Hood Lyrics

In My Hood By Casanova Lyrics I know, I know, I know, I know, I know I know, I know, I know, I know, I know I know some places […]

Casanova – Woah Lyrics

Woah By Casanova Lyrics Fly s--- only You should never be lonely How you get into this party How you jumping out the ‘Rari Fly, living in the suicides How […]

Casanova – So Drippy Lyrics

So Drippy By Casanova Lyrics Used to be my dog (Be my dog), [?] my left titty (Left t--) It was time to ride, you ain’t ride with me (Skrrt, […]

Casanova – Knock Knock Lyrics

Knock Knock By Casanova Lyrics It’s me The one that you been tweetin’ bout Now I’m at your crib n---- ain’t no leavin’ out Oh that’s your kids ready for […]

Casanova – Jail Call Lyrics

Jail Call By Casanova Lyrics This call will be recorded and monitored. I have a collect call from…Caswell Senior An inmate at County Detention Facility Hello? Hello? Hello?! Hello? Hello? […]

Casanova – So Brooklyn Lyrics

So Brooklyn by Casanova (Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn) 2X (Brooklyn), The Family (Brooklyn) Haha, (Brooklyn) You know the f-----’ vibe (Brooklyn, Brooklyn) I’m so Brooklyn I should get paid for the […]

Casanova – Coming Home Lyrics

Coming Home by Casanova Baby girl, I’m coming home You all mine today, ooh And I’ma hold on tight, I’m on you And as we lay (Girl, as we lay, […]

Casanova x Desiigner – MATHA Lyrics

MATHA by Casanova x Desiigner Thrahh, git, git Thrahh, git, git Thrahh, git, git Thrahh, git, git Thrahh Hit ’em in the head, that’s a head shot Hit ’em in […]

Casanova – Forged In Steel Lyrics

Forged In Steel by Casanova Yeah, I’m coming for you, I’m for real Go pound for pound, I was forged in steel Heavyweight champion, you know my deal I’m coming […]

Casanova – 2AM Lyrics

2AM Lyrics by Casanova (feat. Tory Lanez & Davido) [Casanova & Tory Lanez] Help me out, I’ve been calling you It’s 2AM and I want you too Shout for the […]

Casanova – Down Bitch Lyrics

Down B---- by Casanova (Feat. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie) Talk to them Boogie I think I found it Well, me too And there ain’t no way around it We […]