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Category: Cash Cash

Cash Cash – Mean It Lyrics

Mean It By Cash Cash (feat. Wrabel) Don’t say a word if it don’t come easy Don’t say a word if it is not true Don’t keep it all locked […]

Cash Cash – Call You Lyrics

I can’t change the way things are Even though it feels wrong in my heart Even though it keeps me to breathe this air See life does what it thinks […]

Cash Cash – Finest Hour Lyrics

Finest Hour by Cash Cash Feat. Abir Released : 2018 Walking in with good intentions Walking out with no patience I feel my buttons being pressed on I feel my […]

Cash Cash – Belong Lyrics

Belong by Cash Cash Released : 2017 Get in the car, I’ll drive We got no place to be on time So let’s just enjoy the ride We can go […]

Cash Cash – All My Love Lyrics

All My Love by Cash Cash Released : 2017 Friday night, my phone is off And none of my friends even know you’re gone All these broken picture frames I’m […]