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Category: Cashmere Cat

Cashmere Cat – BACK FOR YOU Lyrics

BACK FOR YOU by Cashmere Cat: Everyone rose has its thorn, baby I got mine and you got yours, baby I’ve been tryin’ not to end up in the garden I’ve been tryin’ […]

Cashmere Cat – MOO Lyrics

MOO by Cashmere Cat: Yeah Yeah Yeah Moonlight Moonlight Yeah Moonlight Yeah, Yeah Moonlight Yeah Moonlight Yeah Moon, Moon Moonlight

Cashmere Cat – WITHOUT YOU Lyrics

WITHOUT YOU by Cashmere Cat: Without you, without you Without you, without you Without you, without you Without you, without you, without you Nobody’s ever woke up in my bed I usually wake […]

Cashmere Cat – PRINCESS CATGIRL Lyrics

PRINCESS CATGIRL by Cashmere Cat: Catgirl, (Oooh) catgirl Catgirl, (Ooooh) catgirl Cat-cat-catgirl, catgirl Catgirl, girl, girl, girl, girl Girl, girl, girl, girl Girl, girl, girl, girl Girl, girl, girl, girl Girl, girl Girl, […]

Cashmere Cat - EMOTIONS Lyrics

Cashmere Cat – EMOTIONS Lyrics

EMOTIONS By Cashmere Cat I don’t feel like that When [?], we’d tell each other “How’d you get somebody new, [?]” ‘Cause it feels so good, no, I don’t feel […]