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Category: Cautious Clay

Cautious Clay – Swim Home Lyrics

Swim Home By Cautious Clay Blue skies no shade Red  flags don’t fade But  you stick around Read news Life’s short Eight  ball Poor  sport But you’re not alone No  […]

Cautious Clay – REASONS Lyrics

REASONS Lyrics by Cautious Clay Drama in my life on purpose Cus I don’t need to have purpose Throw it all away to make ends F------ up my night to […]

Cautious Clay – SIDEWINDER Lyrics

SIDEWINDER Lyrics by Cautious Clay Am I really that sorrow filled? F------ to feel, nothing is real Said you had no discipline Savoring what passion was left In my mind […]

Cautious Clay – HONEST ENOUGH Lyrics

HONEST ENOUGH by Cautious Clay Honest enough We could play the blame game too [Cautious Clay] Look how much you’re living for the madness There’s something ’bout the roses at […]

Cautious Clay – Cold War Lyrics

Cold War by Cautious Clay Released : 2017 Yellow tinted lenses and a pink gelato Fallin’ out the window, hit me back tomorrow We’ll always be the one tough act […]