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Category: Cautious Clay

Cautious Clay – Cheesin’ Lyrics

Cheesin’ By Cautious Clay I’ve been knowing that we can’t last Made it all up just to stay with you Now I’m cheesin’ when you blow past yea If you […]

Cautious Clay – Reaching Lyrics

Reaching By Cautious Clay Stay trippin’, oh You wanna act impatient every time I come around Every time I wear the crown But then you see me when I’m at […]

Cautious Clay – Erase Lyrics

Erase by Cautious Clay: Lyrics: Erase my social Screenshot Kinda thing Ok we can settle in FaceTime Erase my social Deadpan Politic Cut you right out of it Meantime Money […]

Cautious Clay – Swim Home Lyrics

Swim Home By Cautious Clay Blue skies no shade Red  flags don’t fade But  you stick around Read news Life’s short Eight  ball Poor  sport But you’re not alone No  […]