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Category: Ceraadi

Ceraadi - BFF Lyrics

Ceraadi – BFF Lyrics

BFF Lyrics – Ceraadi Best friend Why the hell you gotta be so cute for? With them leggings and them beauty supply hoops on? Way you stack yo paper you […]

Ceraadi - She Ain't Me Lyrics

Ceraadi – She Ain’t Me Lyrics

She Ain’t Me Lyrics – Ceraadi Who is she? Oh my You been laying low Now I know why Ooh, you wasted no time You tried to build a replica […]

Ceraadi - On God Lyrics

Ceraadi – On God Lyrics

On God Lyrics – Ceraadi See you walkin round all moody Got drama like a movie Low key hype but you ain’t act right Cuz I’m going out tonight I […]

Ceraadi - Out My Face Lyrics

Ceraadi – Out My Face Lyrics

Out My Face Lyrics – Ceraadi We not here for long time We only here for a good time We can keep it on the down low It won’t hurt […]

Ceraadi - Red Button Lyrics

Ceraadi – Red Button Lyrics

Red Button Lyrics – Ceraadi There’s many ways that I could tear you apart Or better yet click clack, I’m the trigger let’s start You a dub, a once was, […]

Ceraadi - Favorite Lyrics

Ceraadi – Favorite Lyrics

Favorite Lyrics By Ceraadi Watch the way I work it I know I’m that flav That they wanna taste yea When this body in motion You need that in doses […]