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Category: Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth – Girlfriend Lyrics

Girlfriend By Charlie Puth Tired of this conversation We didn’t come all this way To touch a little, kiss a little All night long You wanna hear me say it I know I […]

Charlie Puth – Mother Lyrics | SICK (2019)

Mother Lyrics by Charlie Puth He’s such a nice boy, so well mannered He’s so much better than the last one you brought around Please and thank you, everything matters I’m gonna make sure […]

Charlie Puth – I Warned Myself Lyrics

I Warned Myself by Charlie Puth I warned myself that I shouldn’t play with fire But I can tell that I’ll do it one more time Don’t trust in myself, (Mmm) no good for […]

Charlie Puth – So Dope Lyrics

So Dope Lyrics by Charlie Puth So dope, so dope, so dope, so dope You know my love is So dope, so dope, so dope, so dope Yeah My love […]