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Category: Charly Bliss

Charly Bliss – Hurt Me Lyrics

Hurt Me by Charly Bliss [Charly Bliss] Come on, let’s get something wrong Look into my face too long Overthrow yourself to me You need me like a parachute Empty-handed, […]

Charly Bliss - Bleach Lyrics

Charly Bliss – Bleach Lyrics

Bleach By Charly Bliss [Charly Bliss]You’re always right but it’s better to lieBig as buildings and bleach-stained whiteLoud with you, I’m in love with your wayI always wanted my sister’s […]

Charly Bliss – Young Enough Lyrics

Young Enough By Charly Bliss [Charly Bliss] Right Luminous inside I am diving to drown in you The stripes, your eyes, your voice, the night We’re young enough To believe […]

Charly Bliss – Camera Lyrics

Camera by Charly Bliss [Charly Bliss] Someone used my card to buy a camera in California Five hundred fifty six’ll get you almost nowhere Maybe my card company just prevented […]

Charly Bliss – Under You Lyrics

Under You by Charly Bliss [Charly Bliss] I wanna eat the world with you And float like dust inside of you I wanna be the best for you And get […]

Charly Bliss – Blown to Bits Lyrics

Blown to Bits by Charly Bliss [Charly Bliss] Life as I know it Anything goes Karate lessons, reality shows I feel so tired, can’t believe this is it It’s gonna […]

Charly Bliss – Hard To Believe Lyrics

Hard To Believe Lyrics by Charly Bliss [Charly Bliss] I’m kissing everything that moves I’m kissing anything that takes me far away from you But I would rather eat than […]

Charly Bliss – Chatroom Lyrics

Chatroom Lyrics By Charly Bliss [Charly Bliss] I was chaste in the chatroom talking about you Everybody knows you’re the second coming Wasted a summer slapping my face, well I […]

Charly Bliss – Capacity Lyrics

Capacity Lyrics by Charly Bliss I used to think that I should be good at everything now I know I was wrong I used to think that I should do […]