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Category: Chase Rice

Chase Rice - Belong Lyrics

Chase Rice – Belong Lyrics

Belong By Chase Rice Splashing water in the mirror on my face Wish this steam was a past I could wash away But it is what it is and it […]

Chase Rice – In The Car Lyrics

In The Car By Chase Rice Two kids, one old Corolla A mixtape you made for me Blackjack and a Coca Cola Parked way back ‘neath the trees You were […]

Chase Rice – Lonely If You Are Lyrics

Lonely If You Are by Chase Rice If it’s Friday, you know where I’ll be Kickin’ back with the boys down at Santos Pub But don’t hesitate, don’t even think […]

Chase Rice – Eyes on You Lyrics

Eyes on You by Chase Rice We’ve been to both Carolinas Seen a big Montana sky Driven up and down a coast a few times London, Paris, paradise But ain’t […]