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Category: Chief Keef

Chief Keef – No Bap Lyrics

No Bap By Chief Keef Ayy, Ayy, Ayy Chief So… Say young nigga you don’t know me Fuck this nigga, fuck his bap Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy (Uh, uh) Ayy, […]

Chief Keef – Ova Seas Lyrics

Ova Seas by Chief Keef (ft Terintino) [Chief Keef] One thing about me, I be neat (Gucci, Gucci) Walk around like I got big feet Hatin’ on me, that’s so […]

Chief Keef – South Side Lyrics

South Side by Chief Keef Bitch, I’m from the South Side, South Side, South Side, South Side Don’t bring your ass to South Side, South Side If you an opp, […]

Chief Keef – Ammunition Lyrics

​​​​Ammunition by Chief Keef Released : 2018 Why they didn’t took my shit in L.A Say she love me, whatever that mean The only colors I like is blue, pink […]

Chief Keef – In There Lyrics

​​​​In There by Chief Keef Released : 2018 I was in the streets when momma found me, she was mad I was in there If I needed somewhere to hide, […]