Childish Gambino – Stay High Lyrics

Stay High Lyrics – Childish Gambino I already feel like doing it again, honey ‘Cause once you know, then you know And you don’t wanna go home Back to where

Childish Gambino – 12.38 Lyrics

12.38 By Childish Gambino Uh Someone made a mess in my account (Someone sound like me, yes) Someone bought a Patek in a panic (Yes, yes) Forty Bentley addict, I

Childish Gambino – 19.10 Lyrics

19.10 By Childish Gambino Ooh Ooh, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah Uh Let me tell you something true I remember, uh, back when I was six years old, uh Daddy said,

Childish Gambino – 24.19 Lyrics

24.19 By Childish Gambino Sweet thing You moved to Southern California, sweet thing You do just what your parents told you, sweet thing You’re watching Parks and Rec alone, sweet

Childish Gambino – 32.22 Lyrics

32.22 By Childish Gambino I got them feelings bad, hey Most them bones goin’ bad, ayy I got them bones, bones me Feelings up on fire, ayy You got them

Childish Gambino – 35.31 Lyrics

35.31 By Childish Gambino Little foot, bigfoot, get out the way I’ma show y’all how to move this yay I’ma show y’all how to move like this I’ma show ya’ll

Childish Gambino – 39.28 Lyrics

39.28 By Childish Gambino Why go to the party? Why go to the party? Why go to the party at all? Two shots and a body, two shots and a

Childish Gambino – 47.48 Lyrics

47.48 By Childish Gambino Little girl, thirteen, broke down The violence Little boys playing ’round, shot down The violence, the violence Baby girl, baby daddy, east-headed The violence, the violence

Childish Gambino – 53.49 Lyrics

53.49 By Childish Gambino Woo-uh, uh, uh Yeah, yeah, come on What’s good? (Come on) From Decatur, comin’ straight out the hood (That’s right) I’m just tryna put the spirit

Childish Gambino – Under the Sun Lyrics

Under the Sun By Childish Gambino Woo, uh, uh Yeah, yeah What’s good? (Come on) I’m the gator coming straight out the hood (Come on) I’m just tryna put the

Childish Gambino – Time Lyrics

Time By Childish Gambino Featuring Ariana Grande Written By Ludwig Göransson, DJ Dahi, Ariana Grande & Donald Glover Woo! Woo! Uh Uh Seven billion people Tryna free themselves Said a

Childish Gambino – Vibrate Lyrics

Vibrate By Childish Gambino Uh, someone made a mess in my cone (Someone sound like me, yeah) Someone bought a Patek in a panic, yes (Uh), yes (Uh) Fully Bentley

Childish Gambino – Algorhythm Lyrics

Algorhythm Lyrics by Childish Gambino [Childish Gambino] As we stand together Promise me That we’ll teach the children That we must be free There is no joy in sorrow No