Chloe Lilac – lily’s backyard Lyrics

lily’s backyard Lyrics – Chloe Lilac Last time I saw you in Lily’s backyard You put on your makeup and broke my heart Your outside so pretty, but the inside

Chloe Lilac – last week Lyrics

last week Lyrics – Chloe Lilac You were standing next to me On the train and on the bus Just to bleed, I went and bit my tongue It’s weird

Chloe Lilac – Moderation Lyrics

Moderation By Chloe Lilac I took all my sick days Hide again in this place Probably restin’ bitch face (Crazy) Flirtin’ out, I’m lifted Cookin’ in the kitchen, no one

Chloe – Obvious Lyrics

Obvious By Chloe I just wanted you to say That you’d been dyin’ for me to stay Baby, if you feel the same, yeah, you You don’t make it obvious

Chloe Lilac – High School Lyrics

High School By Chloe Lilac Chain-smoking your cigarettes Between the cars at LES Stayed out ‘til about 6AM Explored the world inside of your head Fugazi gold chain necklace Woke

Chloe Lilac – Special Lyrics

Special By Chloe Lilac Lyrics Yeah I know you’re one of those guys The artistic type with them womanizer eyes Yesterday reminds me of deep blue Sitting in that staircase

Chloe Lilac – Summer Lyrics

Summer Lyrics: Middle of July I think I miss you Stayin’ out all night Ain’t got shit to do On a train And I’m feeling like I wanna do something