Chloe Moriondo – Popstar Lyrics

Popstar Lyrics – Chloe Moriondo Lights down low I know you want a private show, oh I see you watchin’ me I’ma drop it low in three, like one, two,

Chloe Moriondo – Trophy Lyrics

Trophy Lyrics – Chloe Moriondo F-f-f-fuck you F-f-f-fuck you F-f-f-fuck you F-f-f-fuck— Baby, I’m a trophy Got no one to hold me I know that you know me ‘Cause baby,

Chloe Moriondo – Knockout Lyrics

Knockout Lyrics – Chloe Moriondo Hit with a sucker punch, [?] I’ma knock you out, call me Ali Know you wouldn’t last one round with me Center of attention Sad

Chloe Moriondo – Hotel For Clowns Lyrics

Hotel For Clowns Lyrics – Chloe Moriondo Watch your step, ’cause the light’s low Sit down, ’cause you’re in for a big show, darlin’ If you’re scared, keep your eyes

Chloe Moriondo – DRESS UP Lyrics

DRESS UP Lyrics – Chloe Moriondo Come on, Barbie, let’s go party Pop champagne, like Cali, get naughty Don’t need nobody, but I like your body Dress up for me,

Chloe Moriondo – Celebrity Lyrics

Celebrity Lyrics – Chloe Moriondo I can be the girl, face of all the magazines Or be your beauty queen Take over the world, radios and TV screens And everything

Chloe Moriondo – Hearteyes Lyrics

Hearteyes Lyrics – Chloe Moriondo Precious, helpless I’m in your bed, like how do we get this far? I’m reckless, left my necklace Corner of your desk like know I

Chloe Moriondo – Diet Heartbreak Lyrics

Diet Heartbreak Lyrics – Chloe Moriondo ‘Cause I think I deserve better Than thinking about this still And being insecure about this still But, now it’s in everything Now it’s

Chloe Moriondo – Cry Lyrics

Cry Lyrics – Chloe Moriondo I don’t wanna feel better I don’t wanna get help All I wanted is your sweater But I think you only need yourself Oh, I’m

chloe moriondo – Cdbaby<3 Lyrics

Cdbaby<3 Lyrics – chloe moriondo I play my music too loud And I really wanna see you right now She [?] up in the clouds And I really don’t know

chloe moriondo – Fruity Lyrics

Fruity Lyrics – chloe moriondo Says I’m sweeter than a cherry and she likes it Stay up late and watch the strawberry sunset Got me fuzzy like a peach and

Chloe Moriondo – Living Virtually Lyrics

Living Virtually Lyrics – Chloe Moriondo It’s hard to leave bed cause that’s where I’m the safest Drive through to be at graduation I’m bored, I’m running out of patience

chloe moriondo – Hell Hounds Lyrics

Hell Hounds Lyrics by chloe moriondo Told you not to look my way To try and act your age Eyes down on the pavement Now, you’re gonna have to pay

chloe moriondo – werewolf Lyrics

werewolf Lyrics – chloe moriondo This stupid town isn’t where I’m supposed to be But I’d burn it down if you say you’ll be close to me And lie with

chloe moriondo – nice pup Lyrics

nice pup Lyrics – chloe moriondo You know I’m like a dog You can tug on my leash and tie me up real tight You know my mind is foggy

chloe moriondo – sammy Lyrics

sammy Lyrics – chloe moriondo Okay, fuck I love this song There’s a boy I know In the morning catch him moving slow So many places that he wants to