Chris Young – Looking for You Lyrics

Looking for You Lyrics – Chris Young I didn’t know what I was missing Until the second that you walked in To that bar that night Under those neon lights

Chris Young – Music Note Lyrics

Music Note Lyrics by Chris Young I was five years old, riding in granddaddy’s truck Singing Deeper Than the Holler with the radio up He’d smile and he’d say, “Boy,

Chris Young – Like A Slow Song Lyrics

Like A Slow Song Lyrics by Chris Young Rain falling down, down, down Looking at me, just looking at you Records spinning ’round, ’round, ’round Got your body in a

Chris Young – Drowning Lyrics

Drowning Lyrics – Chris Young Still got your number in my phone and even though you don’t know I listen I still call and wait ’til the tone just to

Chris Young – Cross Every Line Lyrics

Cross Every Line Lyrics – Chris Young If I was a quarterback and you were the cheerleader And I was on the field and you were cryin’ by the bleachers

Chris Young – Tonight We’re Dancing Lyrics

Tonight We’re Dancing Lyrics – Chris Young I don’t wanna hit the same spot The same restaurant We’ve been to a million times before Wanna do something different Remember when

Chris Young – Break Like You Do Lyrics

​Break Like You Do Lyrics – Chris Young I see you’re doing well Well, I’m not Got someone new in your life Well, I don’t I’ve been busy wantin’ you

Chris Young – One of Them Nights Lyrics

One of Them Nights Lyrics – Chris Young Small town sundown Words done got around Something going down around here Left at the stop sign Just past the county line

Chris Young – Rescue Me Lyrics

Rescue Me Lyrics – Chris Young Girl, I could be your Superman Yeah, I could leap them tall, tall buildings for ya Save the day like no one can If

Chris Young – Famous Friends Lyrics

Famous Friends Lyrics – Chris Young, Kane Brown My buddy Brandon holds the record For single-season touchdown throws And good ol’ Johnny, he’s the life of every party It’s like

Chris Young – Raised on Country Lyrics

Raised on Country Lyrics by Chris Young [Chris Young] Got a little sοuthern drawl in my talk Little pickup truck οn my highway Gοt a little boot stοmp in my