Christina Perri – surrender Lyrics

surrender Lyrics – Christina Perri Surrender, hmm Surrender, hmm I can make a list, a million things I need to fix I make everyone crazy, is it somethin’ about me?

Christina Perri – hurt Lyrics

hurt Lyrics – Christina Perri I always feel blue And you’re like a wave of Beatles songs and yesterdays Or Central Park on Saturdays, my happy place (Ha-ha-ha-ha) I turned

Christina Perri – fever Lyrics

fever Lyrics – Christina Perri I dream about you, but I’ve never even seen your face I’m thinkin’ constantly about the way I feel to have you near I wanna

Christina Perri – blue Lyrics

blue Lyrics – Christina Perri I learned to swim all by myself Too young to never ask for help From [?] forever, it’s the gold that keeps me warm And

Christina Perri – fighter Lyrics

fighter Lyrics – Christina Perri Always the fighter but I think I’m fighting alone I can’t keep crying, my fate is in lying, it’s just colder And I fear the

Christina Perri – home Lyrics

home Lyrics – Christina Perri Take me back to my room on the [?] field roads My drawings of flowers all over the walls My mom downstairs pushin’ all of

Christina Perri – mothers Lyrics

mothers Lyrics – Christina Perri To the mothers who aren’t sleeping That are having trouble feeding Too afraid to say they’re not okay No, not at all To the mothers

Christina Perri – evergone Lyrics

evergone Lyrics – Christina Perri Thoughts of you bring me back To times I thought we’d always have Who knew the world could spin so fast? I didn’t I write

Christina Perri – tiny victories Lyrics

tiny victories Lyrics by Christina Perri [Christina Perri] Somedays I Iook in the mirror and I think The meanest things, all the meanest things Somedays I’m holding my self-worth up

Christina Perri – ​stay awake Lyrics

stay awake Lyrics by Christina Perri Stay awake, don’t rest your head Don’t lie down upon your bed While the moon drifts in the skies Stay awake, don’t close your

Christina Perri – ​remember me Lyrics

remember me Lyrics by Christina Perri (From “COCO” Soundtrack) Remember me, though I have to say goodbye Remember me, don’t let it make you cry Forever, if I’m far away,