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Category: CHVRCHES

Chvrches – Out Of My Head Lyrics

Out Of My Head by Chvrches Feat. Wednesday Campanella Released : 2018 ロンドンモード王道も 清志郎もデヴィッド・ボウイも とうにとうにいなくなって キャプチャーコースで違って 悪かないね SNS working all day And when you figure it out You let me […]

Love is Dead Album

CHVRCHES – My Enemy Lyrics

My Enemy Lyrics by CHVRCHES from Album Love is Dead [Matt Berninger:] I got no more time to hear what you think about me Because all your words are so cold, […]

Love is Dead Album

CHVRCHES – Love is Dead (Album Lyrics)

Album : Love is Dead Release Date: May 25, 2018 Genre : Alternative Rock Label : Glassnote Entertainment Group LLC Tracklist: 01.  Graffiti 02.  Get Out 03.  Deliverance 04.  My […]


CHVRCHES – Wonderland Lyrics

Wonderland by CHVRCHES Released : 2018 I am talkin’ in my sleep Hidin’ inside my dreams Fighting inside my head Scarin’ myself to death We live in a wonderland Like […]



II by CHVRCHES Released : 2018 Truth exists somewhere between the dark and the light We love each other in theory You never, you never smile with your eyes [?].


CHVRCHES – Really Gone Lyrics

Really Gone by CHVRCHES Released : 2018 I can never tell what you want Even with time, you’ll never learn to move on I’m trying my best to lift you […]


CHVRCHES – God’s Plan Lyrics

God’s Plan by CHVRCHES Released : 2018 You belong with me I’m tracing a line I’m tracing the lines of your hand You collapse in threads Show me inside You’re […]


CHVRCHES – Heaven/Hell Lyrics

Heaven/Hell by CHVRCHES Released : 2018 Am I real if you can see right through me? If I’m in a magazine Do you believe it? Do you believe? Do you […]


CHVRCHES – Graves Lyrics

Graves by CHVRCHES Released : 2018 Do you really believe that you can never be sure? They’re leaving bodies in stairwells Washing up on the shore Do you really expect […]


CHVRCHES – Forever Lyrics

Forever by CHVRCHES Released : 2018 Savour the taste Savour the pain I don’t expect you to release me Jumping the gun Holding my tongue I’d never ask you to […]


CHVRCHES – Deliverance Lyrics

Deliverance by CHVRCHES Released : 2018 Careful when you’re swimmin’ in the holy water Drowning in your own beliefs Careful when you’re standing at a broken altar Asking if we […]


CHVRCHES – Graffiti Lyrics

Graffiti by CHVRCHES Released : 2018 I’m writing to ask you; did you achieve all you wanted to do? Before we were dragged up, something was different and nothing was […]

CHVRCHES – Miracle Lyrics

Miracle by CHVRCHES Released : 2018 Ask me no questions, I will tell you no lies Careful what you wish for We’re looking for angels in the darkest of skies […]

CHVRCHES – Never Say Die Lyrics

Never Say Die by CHVRCHES Released : 2018 Wasn’t it gonna be fun and wasn’t it gonna be new? Wasn’t it gonna be different and wasn’t it gonna be true? […]

CHVRCHES – Get Out Lyrics

Get Out by CHVRCHES Released : 2018 Talked ourselves to death Never saying what I wanted Saying what I needed I pushed you to the edge Never knowing what I […]