Cian Ducrot – Heaven Lyrics

Heaven Lyrics – Cian Ducrot When I was four, I fell off my bike But you told me I’d be okay When I was five, you were by my side

Cian Ducrot – Part Of Me Lyrics

Part Of Me Lyrics – Cian Ducrot They say the devil takes the best of us I guess I always knew you weren’t like the rest of us You held

Cian Ducrot – I’ll Be Waiting Lyrics

I’ll Be Waiting Lyrics – Cian Ducrot Leave your keys if you’re not coming home You packed your bags full of letting go You were moving in, now you’re moving

Cian Ducrot – Blue Lyrics

Blue Lyrics – Cian Ducrot Don’t think, just for a moment Just feel all the emotions I’m here, hope that you know it Just know that I’m still holding on

Cian Ducrot – Hello Gorgeous Lyrics

Hello Gorgeous Lyrics – Cian Ducrot You don’t believe That you need to stay right here (right here) He takes what he needs While you’re on your knees, oh dear

Cian Ducrot – Make Believe Lyrics

Make Believe Lyrics Cian Ducrot Always a mess She was put together Like apologies and flowers Like fucking in the shower But all of the best things that I’ve ever

Cian Ducrot – Chewing Gum Lyrics

Chewing Gum Lyrics – Cian Ducrot Here we go Guess we’ve just done it again Feeling it come to an end She said it’s hard to last at 21 Here

Cian Ducrot – Know Me Again Lyrics

Know Me Again Lyrics – Cian Ducrot I don’t know why I look for you In crowded rooms When you get by Spending your nights Surrounded by everyone but me

Cian Ducrot – Crocodiles Lyrics

Crocodiles Lyrics – Cian Ducrot Wipe the crocodiles from your eyes ‘Cause we both know you’re not crying Save the stories for someone else ‘Cause believe me I ain’t buyin