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Category: City Girls

City Girls – You Tried It Lyrics

You Tried It By City Girls Ain’t that dj chose over there Look like dj chose You tried it hoe, that s--- ain’t work You made him bae, I f----- him […]

City Girls – Act Up Lyrics

Act Up by City Girls (Earl on the beat) [JT & Yung Miami] Real a-- b----, give a f--- ’bout a n---- Big Birkin bag, hold five, six figures Stripes […]

City Girls – Twerk Lyrics

Twerk Lyrics City Girls ft. Cardi B (I want a slim, fine woman with some twerk with her) Throw that, twerk it (I want a slim, fine woman with some […]

City Girls – Tighten Up Lyrics

Tighten Up by City Girls [Intro: Yung Miami] Opp Messy hoes better wipe it up B---- don’t make me put my wig in a rubber band Snap a b---- down, […]