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Category: CJ

CJ - Whoopty NYC (Remix) Lyrics

CJ – Whoopty NYC (Remix) Lyrics

Whoopty NYC (Remix) Lyrics – CJ CJ It’s shmovie Heavy on the SSO shit, man You know what it is, when you hear that Loyalty over royalty, y’all niggas know […]

CJ - Politics Lyrics

CJ – Politics Lyrics

Politics Lyrics – CJ Gang, look I said “Fuck all the politics” (Uh) They ain’t no scholarships (They ain’t no scholarships) Me and my niggas, robbin’ shit, clappin’ shit, niggas […]

CJ - Set Lyrics

CJ – Set Lyrics

Set Lyrics – CJ Huh? Huh? Whoopty Let me talk my shit Huh Rep yo’ set (Set) Still be posted in the [?] (Gang) We ain’t wearin’ no vests (Huh?) […]

CJ - I’m Lit Lyrics

CJ – I’m Lit Lyrics

I’m Lit Lyrics – CJ Shorty on that demon time, I’m lit (Diego) I’m lit (Ayy), I’m lit (Ayy), ayy (Bankroll Got It) Walk up on the shit, I’m lit […]

CJ - Goin’ Up Lyrics

CJ – Goin’ Up Lyrics

Goin’ Up Lyrics – CJ Uh, uh, uh, uh They don’t wanna know what’s up They don’t wanna know what’s up (Six, chill, fool, for real, for real) I got […]

CJ - Real One Lyrics

CJ – Real One Lyrics

Real One Lyrics – CJ She said she wanna fuck with a real one If I see an opp, I’ma kill one Don’t know how it feels ’til you feel […]