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Category: Clara Mae

Clara Mae - Overused Lyrics

Clara Mae – Overused Lyrics

Overused By Clara Mae Same place, my bed, your lips Long nights, first touch, last kiss We’re in that same fight, you’re right, admit I’m afraid that we’re getting too […]

Clara Mae – Run Into You Lyrics

Run Into You By Clara Mae Might hate myself in the morning Might lose somebody important No way to stop once I started Right now I don’t care Saturday night Wasn’t expecting to […]

Clara Mae – Unmiss You Lyrics

Unmiss You By Clara Mae Leaving the lights on if you wanna drop by Even my phone’s on if you feel like calling me later tonight Keeping the bed warm, I do Though it’s […]

Clara Mae – Lost Lyrics

Lost Lyrics By Clara Mae Your name on the screen, are you thinking of me? Or falling back into the same old habits? You’re back the place that you said […]

Clara Mae – Rooftop Lyrics

Rooftop by Clara Mae Released : 2018 I’m on the rooftop I’m on the rooftop It’s been a week So much stronger than what we are used to It’s hard […]