Clavish – Day Date Lyrics

Day Date Lyrics – Clavish (R14) It wasn’t me, I don’t know the cheffer Me and Crash, you know the pressure I used to be broke, remember? Should I cop

Clavish – B22 Money Lyrics

B22 Money Lyrics – Clavish (HD Beats) Ah, I got rappers in my DM tryna disrespect my worth Offerin’ B22 money for a verse See, I don’t know what you

Clavish – Traumatised Lyrics

Traumatised Lyrics – Clavish Uh, if boy’dem pull up, know I’m cuttin’ first I was upset when bro got first blood ’cause I tried cuttin’ first This white girl more

Clavish – Greece Lyrics

Greece Lyrics – Clavish Alive, but he shoulda been dead Big bro got a nine, but it shoulda been less I can tell you ’bout riskin’ it all If this

Clavish – One Of A Kind Lyrics

One Of A Kind Lyrics – Clavish I’ve got opps that want me to die Got cops that want me to ride birds They’re tryna get on to my life