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Category: Clean Bandit

What Is Love? (Album 2018)

01. Symphony
02. Baby
03. Solo
04. Rockabye
05. Mama
06. Should’ve Known Better
07. Out at Night
08. Last Goodbye
09. We Were Just Kids
10. Nowhere
11. I Miss You
12. In Us I Believe
13. 24 Hours
14. Playboy Style
15. Beautiful
16. Tears

Clean Bandit – Tears Lyrics

Tears Lyrics Clean Bandit I tried hard to make you want me But we’re not supposed to be And the truth will always haunt me Even though it set me […]

Clean Bandit – Beautiful Lyrics

Beautiful Lyrics Clean Bandit Ooh yeah Skrr Eh, I’m getting moved on from the bullshit Eh, and now you see me on some new shit But don’t forget, I never […]

Clean Bandit – Playboy Style Lyrics

Playboy Style Lyrics Clean Bandit [Charli XCX:] Uh, oh damn Uh, uh, oh damn [Bhad Bhabie:] It’s Clean Bandit With Charli XCX and Bhad Bhabie, bitch! [Charli XCX:] Had a […]

Clean Bandit – 24 Hours Lyrics

24 Hours Lyrics Clean Bandit 24 hours ago I was just sitting home, me and my phone Got a text from my phone Telling me come out to this party […]