Col3trane – Astrology Joint Lyrics

Astrology Joint Lyrics – Col3trane I like what you do Say it’s astrology but must be voodoo Ask for my sign, looked in my eyes You ever had somebody look

Col3trane – Lights Out Lyrics

Lights Out Lyrics – Col3trane She like the finer things, designer things Medusa heads that don’t gotta think Gotta put something on you A golden link A diamond ring I

Col3trane – Bag Lyrics

Bag Lyrics – Col3trane (with Lucky Daye) I’m all in my bag All in my bag All in my bag, for you I’m all in my bag All in my

Col3trane – Whatchumacallit Lyrics

Whatchumacallit Lyrics – Col3trane Running through these rounds of applauses I ain’t tripping baby I’m just nauseous I don’t need no sleep just my baby with me And a pocket

Col3trane – Pretty Lyrics

Pretty Lyrics By Col3trane How can I cut through this silence? (Yeah) Need you to say that you’re mine (Yeah) Just don’t make the same mistakes I did, no, oh,

Col3trane – Clutch Lyrics

Clutch By Col3trane Dead a discussion goin’ round and round, like a rosary Don’t push me away, when you wanna be close to me Think of all the times that

Col3trane – Perfect Timing Lyrics

Perfect Timing Lyrics by Col3trane x FKJ [Col3trane] Perfect timing, like what you know about perfect timing? Now I know what they mean when they talk about stars aligning Out

Col3trane – Superpowers Lyrics

Feat. GoldLink [Col3trane] Yeah, yeah It made them sour, my superpower But it’s you, you love it, you ask me how, well That’s for me to know and you to

Col3trane – The Fruits Lyrics

The Fruits Lyrics by Col3trane [Col3trane, Charlotte Day Wilson & Both] Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Baby, give me