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Category: Coldplay

Coldplay – Church Lyrics

Church By Coldplay What can I tell you? When I’m with you, I’m walking on air Watching you sleeping there, yeah But what can’t I get through? And for everyone, everywhere You’re answering every […]

Coldplay – Trouble in Town Lyrics

Trouble in Town By Coldplay Trouble in town Because they cut my brother down Because my sister can’t wear her crown There’s trouble, there’s trouble in town Blood on the beat (Oh-oh) Oh […]

Coldplay – BrokEn Lyrics

BrokEn By Coldplay Lord, when I’m broken (When I’m broken) And I’m in need (I’m in need) Feel that ocean (Feel that ocean) Swallowing me (Swallowing me) Head is hanging (Head is hanging) So […]

Coldplay – Daddy Lyrics

Daddy By Coldplay Daddy, are you out there? Daddy, won’t you come and play? Daddy, do you not care? Is there nothing that you wanna say? I know You’re hurting too But I […]

Coldplay – WOTW / POTP Lyrics

WOTW / POTP By Coldplay In a world gone wrong I shall be strong Wonder of the world, power of the people I will not want My faith is strong Wonder of the […]