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Category: Colter Wall

Colter Wall – Manitoba Man Lyrics

Manitoba Man by Colter Wall Released : 2018 I’m ridin’ my thumb uptown for to find me a score There’s a Manitoba man behind the fillin’ station store Man, he’s […]

Colter Wall – Night Herding Song Lyrics

Night Herding Song by Colter Wall Released : 2018 Oh say, little dogies, why don’t you lay down? You’ve wandered and trampled all over the ground Lay down, little dogies, […]

Colter Wall – Calgary Round-Up Lyrics

Calgary Round-Up by Colter Wall Released : 2018 We’re headed for the round-up, goin’ to the big stampede Old D--- Cosgrove’s ridin’ in the lead Hear the rattlin’ chuck wagon […]

Colter Wall – Wild Dogs Lyrics

Wild Dogs by Colter Wall Released : 2018 Once I was a wild dog On the trail to a kill to feed my existence That’s where I first picked up […]