Comethazine – Sunshine Night Time Lyrics

Sunshine Night Time Lyrics – Comethazine Wesso Add1ct Sunshine Sunshine Sunshine Sunshine, nighttime, all day, all day, tote my nine (Like that) Mob ties, my side, not like y’all guys

Comethazine – Chase The Money Lyrics

Chase The Money Lyrics – Comethazine Eeny, meeny, miny, moe Add1ct I wake up and pick a hoe Wesso Louis, Virgil Abloh What the fuck is hittin’ for? Maserati sittin’

Comethazine – Piped Up 2 Lyrics

Piped Up 2 Lyrics – Comethazine Piped up, sippin’ sizzurp, and watch him tint just like a lizzard Rockstar life liver, Kurt Cobain, codeine sipper (Kurt cobain, codeine sipper) Piped

Comethazine – Hit Loud Lyrics

Hit Loud Lyrics – Comethazine Making my way up the street with my glick out Ch-Ch-Ch-Chopper severed off his knees, make him sit down (Bitch) Silencer on my weapon, that

Comethazine – Two Chains Lyrics

Two Chains Lyrics – Comethazine Car might take up two lanes, it be driftin’ (Aw, yeah) Yeah, Versace sneakers, came from two chains, I was gifted (Two chains, I was

Comethazine – Randy Moss Lyrics

Randy Moss Lyrics – Comethazine They all know that I’m the boss (Mm) Ball hard like randy moss Bet y’all all know that I’m that nigga Showed y’all how to

Comethazine – Ten Times Out Of Ten Lyrics

Ten Times Out Of Ten Lyrics – Comethazine These fuck niggas out Ten-Ten times out of ten, my dick in they bitches mouth Run down on him with FN, show

Comethazine – Cannibal Lyrics

Cannibal Lyrics – Comethazine (Comethazine in this bitch, nigga, I’m piped the fuck up) Come and get your man ’cause he buggin’ Add1ct Chop that nigga up, throw his body

Comethazine – Not Like Yours Lyrics

Not Like Yours Lyrics – Comethazine D.A. got that dope My hoes is not like yours (Not like yours) Lambo’s with wing-like doors (Wing-like doors) Tweak wit’ me but he

Comethazine – Grab 1 Get 1 Pick 1 Lyrics

Grab 1 Get 1 Pick 1 Lyrics – Comethazine Tell ’em 3quinox, St00pid (I do not condone no ho blowing up my line, uh) Grab one, get one, pick one

Comethazine – Senate Lyrics

Senate Lyrics – Comethazine (Div, Div, Div, Div) Aw yeah Woke up with intentions on getting it I come to your state and move like the state senate All about

Comethazine – 500 Hours Lyrics

500 Hours Lyrics – Comethazine D-D-D-Div, don’t do it to ’em Yeah (Bitch) Mmm (Yeah) Yeah (Comethazine in this bitch, nigga, I’m piped the fuck up) Bitch, yeah Five-hundred hours

Comethazine – LIKE DAT Lyrics

LIKE DAT Lyrics – Comethazine I dabble and dip, I might smash on a bitch And then smash in the whip on some maximum shit I make two or three

Comethazine – No Hype Lyrics

No Hype Lyrics – Comethazine Mhm, mhm Yeah Just like that Mmh (Yeah) Where ever I wanna (Mhm), I’m gonna (Yeah) I do this shit alone ’cause it can be

Comethazine – God’s Schedule Lyrics

God’s Schedule Lyrics – Comethazine Me tryna keep up with all my hoes gettin’ stressful Stuck up in the hood, still pussy, I left ya Never gave a fuck, fuck

Comethazine – Hallla Lyrics

Hallla Lyrics – Comethazine Ayy, you niggas got my whole motherfuckin’ existence fucked up D-D-D-Div don’t do it to ’em Bitch Ole “dick in the booty” ass niggas (Ah) “KY

Comethazine – Lord Lyrics

Lord Lyrics – Comethazine Div, div, div, div I move like the lord I move like the lord Niggas mad I live a lifestyle they can’t afford I be skatin’

Comethazine – Solar Freestyle Lyrics

Solar Freestyle Lyrics – Comethazine (Cook that shit up, Quay?) Usually I’m counting money on the intro, but I’m getting my dick sucked, man (Bitch) Know what the fuck going

Comethazine – Wake Up (2016 Unreleased) Lyrics

Wake Up (2016 Unreleased) Lyrics – Comethazine Yah, ooh, bitch Yah, ho (Bitch) Ooh, yah (Bitch) Wake up, ayy (Ayy) Grab the strap and brush my teeth, uh Stay up,

Comethazine – Balls To The Wall Lyrics

Balls To The Wall Lyrics – Comethazine Cook that shit up, Quay! Heat ’em up, let ’em dry like a raisin Let that ho fall, ain’t no ho savin’ Bitch!