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Category: Comethazine

Comethazine - 556 Lyrics

Comethazine – 556 Lyrics

556 Lyrics – Comethazine Bitch, fuck nigga Yeah Bitch, yeah, bitch We can get it crackin’, bitch I live for action (Yeah) Came in with the AK-47, fully automatic (Boom, […]

Comethazine - Jumpman 4's Lyrics

Comethazine – Jumpman 4’s Lyrics

Jumpman 4’s Lyrics – Comethazine I’m a rich nigga, you’s a ho-ass dork I might fuck his bitch up in some Nike shorts Stomp a nigga out in some Jumpman […]

Comethazine - Lame Lyrics

Comethazine – Lame Lyrics

Lame Lyrics – Comethazine If the ho ain’t throwin’ it back, then she’s a lame If the ho ain’t throwin’ it back, then she’s a lame (Yeah right, uh) This […]

Comethazine - Two 45s Lyrics

Comethazine – Two 45s Lyrics

Two 45s Lyrics – Comethazine D-D-D-Div don’t do it to em’ Yeah, aye I got two 45’s, bitch I got nine lives Bitch I know that that’s a fact I […]

Comethazine - Murder Passion Lyrics

Comethazine – Murder Passion Lyrics

Murder Passion Lyrics – Comethazine Grow up, nigga I’m sippin’ on something exclusive 600 dollar deuces, Imma pour it in a banana (Yeah, yeah) Slide out in something exotic, won’t […]

Comethazine - Still A OG Lyrics

Comethazine – Still A OG Lyrics

Still A OG Lyrics – Comethazine D-D-D-Div, don’t do it to ’em Yeah I’m liftin’ a bitch and I’m leanin’ over (Oh yeah, bitch) Trap phone, had the Motorola I […]