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Category: Comethazine

Comethazine – WINE & DINE Lyrics

WINE & DINE Lyrics by Comethazine B***h Yeah, ayy, b***h, b***h Yeah, b***h, yeah I’m on the block with that iron I’m making cash so I am not leaving ’til […]

Comethazine – DeMAR DeROZAN Lyrics

DeMAR DeROZAN Lyrics by Comethazine (B***h! Yeah) Move through the city, I’m in a new whip (skrt!) We boolin’ in here (b***h, b***h) (Yeah, yeah) Move through the city, I’m […]

Comethazine - GUSHER GUTS Lyrics

Comethazine – GUSHER GUTS Lyrics

GUSHER GUTS Lyrics by Comethazine B***h, yuh, ayy, b***h (Is that Shoki on the beat?) I just left London, I just left London Ayy, yuh, (b***h, yuh), ayy, ayy, ooh […]

Comethazine – 4 POUND Lyrics

4 POUND Lyrics by Comethazine Yuh, ayy, yuh, ayy When we tote we pull up, we shoot, we gun n****s down Yuh, b***h, yuh When we tote we pull up, […]

Comethazine – HIPPOPOTAMUS Lyrics

HIPPOPOTAMUS Lyrics by Comethazine Yuh, ayy, ayy, yuh, ayy, ayy My pockets fat, hippopotamus I ball, b***h I never miss I shoot, in your hair I swish Got held down […]

Comethazine – BENJAMIN COUNTER Lyrics

BENJAMIN COUNTER Lyrics by Comethazine (B***h, Bawskee gang the only gang Comethazine in this b***h n***a pipe the f**k up) Aye! B***h, yuh! First name Benjamin, last name Counter Pull […]

Comethazine – I BE DAMNED Lyrics

I BE DAMNED Lyrics by Comethazine B***h! This n***a Comethazine keeps the strap on him Do not run up on that n***a He will shoot yo a*s, he will shoot […]

Comethazine - ONMYGRANNYKIDS Lyrics

Comethazine – ONMYGRANNYKIDS Lyrics

ONMYGRANNYKIDS Lyrics by Comethazine Flexin’… (B***h) Smokin’ grandma cookies n***a Shout out [?] B***h, Comethazine in this b***h n***a I’m piped up Yeah, ayy This a XD with the extra clip […]

Comethazine – NONSENSE Lyrics

NONSENSE Lyrics by Comethazine B***h miss me with that nonsense, you broke a nonsense I bought her like get this ramen, no lying I just f****d your b***h and then […]