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Category: Conan Gray

Conan Gray – Maniac Lyrics

Maniac By Conan Gray Lyrics (Maniac) You were with your friends, partyin’ When the alcohol kicked in Said you wanted me dead so You show up at my home all […]

Conan Gray – Comfort Crowd Lyrics

Comfort Crowd by Conan Gray This hurt that I’m holding’s getting heavy But I’mma keep a smile on my shoulders ’til I’m sweaty Begging on my knees Screamin’ “someone come […]

Conan Gray – Checkmate Lyrics

Checkmate by Conan Gray You think you’re funny, right? Calling me drunk when it’s too late at night Telling me truths that you know all are lies Yeah, you think […]

Conan Gray – The King Lyrics

The King Lyrics By Conan Gray Crush always making me feel like I got nothing to offer But I’m the only one that can make you feel right I’m the […]