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Category: Conan Gray

Conan Gray – (Online Love) Lyrics

(Online Love) By Conan Gray You only pass through my city Every once in a million seconds, on a broken clock Yet we talk like we’re living Only miles, only […]

Conan Gray – Fight or Flight Lyrics

Fight or Flight By Conan Gray Something’s gotten into you You don’t really look at me the way you used to And I’m hoping it ain’t true Every single rumor […]

Conan Gray – Affluenza Lyrics

Affluenza By Conan Gray Mama’s got a new man And daddy’s got a new mansion to keep He never really calls back ‘Cause he’s got too many finances to reap […]

Conan Gray – Heather Lyrics

Heather By Conan Gray I still remember Third of December Me in your sweater You said it looked better On me, than it did you Only if you knew How […]