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Cordae – The Water (Freestyle) Lyrics

The Water (Freestyle) Lyrics – Cordae I ain’t tryna be fifty and full of regrets, swim in a pool of success Drowning in tears, facing my fears, still wonder what’s

Cordae – Two Tens Lyrics

Two Tens Lyrics – Cordae Yeah, mhm Yup Yeah Turn the beat up a little bit Yeah, okay Two friends, and they both tens, lookin’ nice Too bend, I should

Cordae – Feel It In The Air Lyrics

Feel It In The Air Lyrics – Cordae Yeah, uh-huh, no funny This is real, real, real, real shit right here, man Yeah, now check it Fuck this industry I’m

Cordae – Checkmate Lyrics

Checkmate Lyrics – Cordae Yeah (Turn me up) Yeah (Hit Boy) Ayy, check it Okay, I feel unstoppable, odds are not probable Go against the team, that shit is not

Cordae – So With What Lyrics

So With What lyrics by Cordae I said I’m so with that shit, I’m so with that shit Want some me, I said, I’m so with that shit I’m so

Cordae – Unacceptable Lyrics

Unacceptable lyrics by Cordae Take one look at me, nigga, we gettin’ revenue But you put money over loyalty, unacceptable Used to have to throw hands right after school Was

Cordae – Multi-Platinum Lyrics

Multi-Platinum Lyrics – Cordae Yeah, uh Yeah, uh, alright There was once this multi-platinum artist, nah, nah, nah Yeah, uh, alright There was once this multi-platinum artist, who had the

Cordae – Shiloh’s Intro Lyrics

Shiloh’s Intro Lyrics – Cordae Alright, look, I said, I said When I was nine, that’s my first time I held a 9 Put it on God, man, that must’ve

Cordae – Jean-Michel Lyrics

Jean-Michel Lyrics – Cordae Yeah, uh Brink of extinction, hell-bent on survival This life’s a continuous cycle Consider this a venomous haiku This ain’t a verse, nigga And I done

Cordae – Momma’s Hood Lyrics

Momma’s Hood Lyrics – Cordae Yeah, uh, yeah Yeah, uh I was riding through my momma’s hood, rollin’ in Jeep I ain’t playin’ with you niggas, boy, I’m playin’ for

Cordae – Want From Me Lyrics

Want From Me Lyrics – Cordae Is it ever enough? Is it ever enough? Is it ever enough? Okay, what do you want from me? What do you need? I’m

Cordae – Today Lyrics

Today Lyrics – Cordae Hold on, uh I don’t got the time today Money on my mind, nigga, I got to grind today Get that shit andale Told my brothers,

Cordae – Shiloh’s Interlude Lyrics

Shiloh’s Interlude Lyrics – Cordae This is a connect services prepaid call from: Shiloh Young This call will be recorded and monitored If you wish to block any future calls

Cordae – C Carter Lyrics

C Carter Lyrics – Cordae Huh, yeah, huh Ladies and gentlemen uh, huh Boys and girls, huh Need y’all to just uh, huh, rock with me Uh, yeah, uh I

Cordae – Chronicles Lyrics

Chronicles Lyrics – Cordae FT. H.E.R. and Lil Durk Yeah, uh-huh I’m on this road, and I’m not sure where my heart is headed (Mm) And if you left me

Cordae – Champagne Glasses Lyrics

Champagne Glasses Lyrics – Cordae Uh, okay Conversations gettin’ complicated, I could tell ya, uh Fifteen, was in them handcuffs with paraphernalia I grew up in them trenches, boy, your

Cordae – Westlake High Lyrics

Westlake High Lyrics – Cordae Uh, yeah You know, um I just wanna apologize, um, in advance, really For all of my mistakes that I’m- I’m bound to make That

Cordae – Parables (Remix) Lyrics (feat. Eminem)

Parables (Remix) Lyrics – Cordae Gotta ride with ’em, ride with ’em Ride with ’em, roll with the, whoa, whoa, whoa Tell ’em, “Ride with ’em,” we could ride with

Cordae – Gifted Lyrics

Gifted Lyrics – Cordae Living out my dream, my life was different (Get it) If I want it then I’ma get it (Get it) Living every day like it was

Cordae – FABEV Freestyle Lyrics

FABEV Freestyle Lyrics – Cordae Coming like a Yeah, uh January fourteenth Get y’all shit together, nigga Oh, oh, y’all really took the bait, too Y’all really took the bait,