Corey – Day 1 Lyrics

Day 1 By Corey Lyrics Girl I really fuck with you But we can’t keep repeating the same cycles that we’ve been going through Everybody know wassup with you How

Corey – Time Lyrics

Time Lyrics by Corey: You know I’m tryna get right Made mistakes a few times I broke your heart baby I know it wasn’t right I’ma get it baby I

Corey – Run Away Lyrics

Run Away Lyrics by Corey Ya know, so i was just thinking Let me show you what you’re been missing Let me show you what I can really do for

Corey – Corey’s Intro Lyrics

Corey’s Intro Lyrics by Corey [Corey] Members Only. Mad it’s been a whole four months without you. I’ve been in the worst pain in my life. It’s been so crazy,