Craig David – Teardrops Lyrics

Teardrops Lyrics – Craig David Eh eh yeah eh (I don’t know what I wanna do) Eh eh yeah eh (So baby tell me what we gonna do) Day and

Craig David – 21 Lyrics

21 Lyrics – Craig David (feat. isong) Looking at my watch, it’s about that time She been on her grind since half past nine She always stay calm, it’s easier

Craig David – Give It All Up Lyrics

Give It All Up Lyrics – Craig David Mmh, yeah yeah Let’s take it back to basics Let’s take it back to when it wasn’t complicated ‘Cause if I’m being

Craig David – Back to Basics Lyrics

Back to Basics Lyrics – Craig David (feat. GRACEY) We gotta take this thing back to basics You know I like you, I’m gon’ say it Let’s not make this

Craig David – Maybe Lyrics

Maybe Lyrics – Craig David Maybe I was too afraid with you to truly open up Used to make up lame excuses, couldn’t deal with all that stuff Now I’m

Craig David – Gets Like That Lyrics

Gets Like That Lyrics – Craig David Yo You say that you’re stuck with your decision Did everything at your discretion, babe Bout how you clued up now saw the

Craig David – Best Of Me Lyrics

Best Of Me Lyrics – Craig David Only got twenty-four hours in a day Ain’t enough for me ‘Cause girl when I’m with you somehow I be down, I could

Craig David – Meant To Be Lyrics

Meant To Be Lyrics – Craig David (Now you know what love is Pulling up in that whip Now you know what love is Pulling up in that whip) Listen

Craig David – Already Know Lyrics

Already Know Lyrics – Craig David (feat. KYLE) Let me begin, we ain’t gotta pretend you ain’t a ten But I know the way I get, if I let you

Craig David – Yes Lyrics

Yes Lyrics – Craig David & Carmen Reece (feat. Carmen Reece) Oh, wait a minute, what’d you do, got me feeling So high, I’m in heaven every time Right from

Craig David – Obvious Lyrics

Obvious Lyrics – Craig David (feat. Muni Long) We started off as just casual A little fun you know what I’m saying Some days we’d spend the whole afternoon We’d

Craig David – Gold Lyrics

Gold Lyrics – Craig David Go on and tell your friends Go put your best dress on Go on and keep on acting like you’re number one Don’t blame it

Craig David – DNA Lyrics

DNA Lyrics – Craig David There’s something in your DNA ‘Cause Heaven didn’t let me be with you, with me Your beauty different, I feel some type of way I’ll

Craig David – G Love Lyrics

G Love Lyrics – Craig David (feat. Nippa) Baby girl, you’re the one We been rockin’ for a minute This love so dangerous But when comes down to us And