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Category: CRAY

CRAY – once i’m older Lyrics

once i’m older By CRAY Lyrics I used to think it wasn’t fair, right The only time that I felt alright When I was running when I felt like nothing […]

CRAY – ​can live without you Lyrics

can live without you By CRAY Lyrics Your shadow stains just like red wine Twenty-five years, lost track of time Could never shake you from my mind Could never shake […]

CRAY – idontwannatalkaboutlove Lyrics

idontwannatalkaboutlove By CRAY Lyrics They say we’re a movie Picture perfect like they want it to be They say how’d you get so lucky if you really knew me You […]

CRAY – raining pouring Lyrics

raining pouring By CRAY Lyrics Heart made of water, eyes of gold All alone left in the cold Brake my branches with your weight Tare me down, your worst mistake […]